What Is the Cardiac Ultrasound Machine and What Cardiac Problems Can It Detect?

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What is the color Doppler ultrasound machine? Cardiac ultrasound machine is a medical equipment that can dynamically display cardiac structure, heart beat, blood flow in the heart, and adjacent structure around the heart. The principle is to place the ultrasonic probe on the upper nest of the sternum, next to the sternum, the tip of the heart, and the sword, and the dynamic scan of the heart, and then analyze the position and structure of the heart, including the size of the heart room, the size of the heart room, including the size of the heart room, including the size of the heart room. And there are detailed information such as the decline block, the thickness of the room wall, the changes in echo, the number of valve, and the opening and closure of the valve, and so on.

What cardiac problems do cardiac ultrasound machines check?

1. View the changes in the heart structure

Some people have changed their heart structure due to some factors for the day after tomorrow. At this time, the cardiac ultrasound machine can be known in detail: the change of the heart structure, size, heart thickness, etc., through observation of these changes to accurately calculate the size and location of the heart and location The change of waiting.

2. Congenital heart

Most congenital heart diseases can be displayed well through cardiac ultrasound machines. For example, more common arterial catheters are not closed and interval defects and other heart diseases. To screen out whether there are congenital heart diseases.

3. Help check whether there is abnormal tissue around the heart

The cardiac ultrasound machine can also help observe whether the calcification artery around the heart is damaged and the upper and lower cavity veins.

4. Effective evaluation of heart function

Through the cardiac ultra -color Doppler ultrasound, you can intuitively see the contraction function of the heart and the heart of the heart chamber, allowing doctors to conduct an effective assessment of the heart function after examination. This test is one that cannot be replaced by other related examinations. Clinically, it is clinically clinically. It has important significance.

With the improvement of people's material living standards and the growth of population aging, the incidence of various diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension and diabetes has become higher and higher. Therefore, the use of cardiac ultrasound machines for safety and non -invasive inspection of the heart is of great significance for the prevention and treatment of the disease.

What Is the Cardiac Ultrasound Machine and What Cardiac Problems Can It Detect? 1

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