What Is the Automatic Biochemical Analyzer? Introduction to the Maintenance Method of Biochemical An

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The fully automatic biochemical analyzer is one of the important analysis instruments often used in clinical examinations, and it is also an indispensable clinical test medical equipment for medical institutions at all levels. Biochemical analyzers are used to detect and analyze life chemicals, and provide information basis for clinical diagnosis, treatment and prognosis and health of diseases.

Automation analyzer is to run the sampling, mixing, mixing, warm bath (37 C) testing, results calculation, judgment, display and printing results, and cleaning the original manual operation process. Whether it is a module all -biochemical analyzer with a faster operation (9600Test/h), or the original hand -operated photoelectricity scheme, the principle is to use the spectral method in the spectral technology.

The fully automated biochemical analyzer has the characteristics of many, high accuracy, precision and sensitivity of detection items, convenient operation, fast detection speed, etc. During the use process, the performance principle of the instrument should be familiar with. The daily maintenance of good instruments makes the instrument in a better state of work and ensure that the test results are accurate and reliable. The following is the maintenance method of fully automatic biochemical analyzer:

1. Keep room temperature between 18 and 25 C, and the humidity is controlled between 45%and 60%.

2. Dust -proof and corrosion, adapt to local conditions, minimize dust pollution. Chemical reagents, especially volatile reagents such as hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, cannot be placed in the instrument studio.

3. Seismic and anti -electromagnetic interference, the machine should be fixed on the ground, staying as far away from the vibration source as much as possible, and using a dedicated line to power, not public power supply with other high -power instruments.

4. Equipped with a regulator, you must ground wire.

5. Replace the light source lamp in time.

6. Wash the flowing pool every day.

7. Replace the creep pump regularly.

8. Keep the dry environment of monochroders and detectors.

In addition, in terms of operation, the fully automatic biochemical analyzer, normal switching, daily cleaning instruments, sample reagent dose checks, and surface cleaning, etc., can not be neglected. If you want to know more about the specific parameters of the biochemical analyzer, please contact us.

What Is the Automatic Biochemical Analyzer? Introduction to the Maintenance Method of Biochemical An 1

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