What Is Nucleic Acid? What Are the Points to Buy a Good Nucleic Acid Extract Instrument?

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What is nucleic acid? Nucleic acid is a macromolecular compound that is synthesized by many nucleotide polymerization. It is one of the basic substances of life. It is divided into deoxyrum ribosacuucleic acid (DNA) and ribosaccharotic acid (RNA). RNA (R RNA), messenger RNA (M RNA) and transfer RNA (T RNA). Nucleic acid extraction instrument is a kind of analytical medical equipment in the field of biology, which is mainly used to complete the completion of nucleic acid extraction work.

As one of the basic experiments in molecular experiments, nucleic acid extraction plays an important role in the remaining subsequent experiments. For example, PCR, QPCR, and library sequencing are required to go smoothly. The method of extract of nucleic acid extraction includes total RNA extraction, MiRNA extraction, genomic DNA extraction, and plasmid extraction. The role of a nucleic acid extract instrument is to use the nucleic acid extract reagent to use it to complete the product of the extraction sample to complete the nucleic acid extraction work.

So, what are the points to buy a good nucleic acid extract instrument? Let's take a look together.

1. Simple operation, easy to use

The entire extraction process is only three steps: cracking-washing-to elution. The Chinese interactive operation interface meets the habits of most people. Without professional training technical personnel, the sample nucleic acid can be quickly extracted.

2. High -throughput, fast and convenient

It can achieve rapid treatment of 96 samples at one time, and the extraction work can be completed within 30 to 45 minutes to ensure rapid and timely response when the outbreak of the infectious disease explosion.

3. Safe and environmental protection, stable pollution without pollution

The magnetic pearl nucleic acid extraction instrument does not require toxic organic reagents in the process. Green safety and closed space design to greatly ensure the safety of experimental operators, reduce errors and pollution caused by manual operations, and stable experimental results.

4. Low cost and open platform

The price cost is in line with the current economic status of different regions. The supply cycle of consumables is short. It does not rely on imported reagents. The equipment adapts to different specifications of consumables and different manufacturers' extraction reagents.

The PLH-96 (4x24) fully automatic nucleic acid extract of the Proven brand is based on the magnetic rod on the magnetic rod to adsorb magnetic beads and moves the magnetic beads to different reagent grooves. This magnetic pearl nucleic acid extract can be extracted from nucleic acids and proteins of various samples. Just add detection samples and reagents and 96 deep -hole plates. Each independent experimental room can run 2 96 deep -hole plates at the same time. Each deep hole board can extract 24 samples.

It is suitable for both a small amount of sample extraction and the high -throughput extraction required for a large amount of samples. Compared with the past 96 -channel instrument extraction model, the use of medical consumables has been greatly reduced. If you want to buy this nucleic acid extract inly, please contact us and consult the call 400-6656-888.

What Is Nucleic Acid? What Are the Points to Buy a Good Nucleic Acid Extract Instrument? 1

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