What Is Non -invasive Ventilator How to Choose Non -invasive Ventilator

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With the popularity of the ventilator, this medical device that I can only see in the ICU in the TV has gradually entered our lives, such as snoring, slow obstruction, and old branches. However, most people do not know deeply about non -invasive ventilator. When doctors are recommended to buy ventilator because of snoring or slow lung blockage, there will be a lot of questions, such as "What is a non -invasive ventilator? How to choose non -invasive ventilator? Where to buy? Good model? "And so on.

What is a non -invasive ventilator?

No invasive ventilator, as the name suggests, it can be used without traumatic operations. It can be applied without tracheal intubation. The commonly used method mask is giving gas, and there are small nasal masks to get angry. Non -invasive ventilators are often used in patients with type 2 of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, but patients with types of respiratory failure, but they can help patients to eliminate carbon dioxide and improve respiratory acid poisoning. It can also be used for patients with heart failure and can improve the symptoms of heart failure. Another commonly used patient with sleep apnea, and non -invasive ventilator is an excellent treatment.

How to choose non -invasive ventilator?

First of all, we need to understand which types of non -invasive ventilator can be divided into two categories, one is used to treat sleep ventilator with sleep disorders such as snoring and obstructive respiratory apnea, and the other is used for used for Treatment of lung functional disorders such as slow lung blocking, old slow branch, and incomplete respiratory dysfunction. The two are slightly different in patterns, parameters, and algorithms. The models are also different. And our common ventilator includes several modes such as CPAP, APAP, Auto BPAP, etc., and briefly introduce these modes for everyone to choose from.

1. Single horizontal ventilator -CPAP

CPAP is a single horizontal ventilator. This mode is the basis of the ventilator. The advantage is that the principle is simple, the technology is mature, and there is no special differentiation between the brands. Relatively speaking, the comfort is low, suitable for purchasing for patients with snoring.

2. Full -automatic single -level ventilator -Auto CPAP (APAP)

APAP is a fully automatic single -level ventilator. It can be understood as an upgraded version of the CPAP. The machine itself will have an additional induction function. It can sense whether the user has breathing and snoring. Incidents, if there is no breathing incident, it will reduce pressure and reduce interference to user sleep. Simply put, it is relatively intelligent and more comfortable. Of course, the price is relatively high.

3. Dual -horizontal ventilator -BPAP

The CPAP and APAP mentioned earlier are ventilated through a single level of pressure, and human breathing is "one call" and "one suction" two -way. Single levels are relatively low. You inhale, don't help you exhale, people will feel less comfortable when exhaling. BPAP will provide a higher inhalation pressure and a lower exhalation pressure. When the patient inhales, the pressure is large. When the patient exhales, the pressure is less. Completion of breathing smoothly, comfort can be described as greatly improved. The BPAP model is relatively complicated. It is used for the treatment of snoring, and it is also used to treat lung disease.

The Schipstal S9600 S/T non -invasive ventilator is a fully automatic ventilator with automatic detection of airway resistance and real -time adjustment of treatment pressure. It always maintains the low treatment pressure required for respiratory obstruction under different conditions of users. And with the pressure release function when exhalation, fully improve the follow -up and accuracy of the treatment pressure, and improve the comfort of use.

What Is Non -invasive Ventilator How to Choose Non -invasive Ventilator 1

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