What Is Magnetic Beads? Introduction

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With the rapid progress of molecular biology and medical technology, separation technology is developing towards simple, high -quality, high purity, and high -throughput directions to meet large samples and high -quality experiments. In recent years, magnetic nanomaterials have become increasingly noticeable in the field of nucleic acid separation. It has the advantages of larger surface area and good stability. In addition, the solid -phase extraction method of magnetic bead particles has greatly simplified the extraction process of nucleic acids and has been widely used.

Speaking of magnetic beads, of course, we must first understand the magnetic beads. What is magnetic beads? Magnetic beads are formed by a certain tissue package being absorbed by the core of the four -iron oxidation triple iron. It can be adsorbed by the magnet. At the same time, there are magical little beads that can adsorb (binding) nucleic acids that can be adsorbed by the surface bread. The reason why it is magical is because it is very useful, it can achieve automation and high -throughput of nucleic acid extraction.

The advantages of the magnetic pearl nucleic acid extract instrument:

1. Low sample demand: a small amount of material can mention high concentration nucleic acids;

2. Simple and fast operation: The entire operation process is basically divided into five steps (cracking, combination, washing, drying, and elution). There is no need to centrifugation throughout the process. Most of them can be completed within 30 to 60 minutes;

3. Stable and reliable quality: The binding amount of free magnetic beads and nucleic acids, and the combination of specificity makes the purity of the nucleic acid higher, and can adjust the nucleic acid recovery by controlling the magnetic bead surface group;

4. Fully automated operation: The magnetic pearl nucleic acid extract can be used to achieve automation and high -throughput operations, which can be extracted by dozens or even hundreds of samples;

5. Safe and non -toxic and harmless: Reagents do not contain toxic chemical reagents such as phenol, chlorine, etc., which fully meet the concept of modern environmental protection.

The PLH-96 (4x24) magnetic pearl nucleic acid extract produced by the Proven Medical Device manufacturer, only the test sample and reagent and 96 deep-pores need to be added. Each independent experimental room can run 2 96 deep hole boards at the same time, Each deep hole board can extract 24 samples. This equipment is suitable for both a small amount of sample extraction and the high -throughput extraction required for a large amount of samples.

What Is Magnetic Beads? Introduction 1

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