What Is Home Medical Device, the Introduction of the Five Major Development Directions in the Future

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Household medical equipment, as the name suggests, is a medical device suitable for home use. It is different from medical devices used in hospitals. Its main characteristic is simple operation, small size, and easy to carry. As early as ten years ago, many families had various simple medical devices, such as thermometer, auscultality, blood pressure meter, and urine nursing instruments.

The economic level has improved year by year, and the masses also pay more attention to health and health, and the medical insurance system is gradually improved. With the joint blessing of these favorable factors, the home medical device industry has also ushered in a new stage of development. From capital entry and accumulation, to technology to technology During the product upgrade stage, combined with artificial intelligence technology, in the future, products will show five major directions in terms of technology and functions:


Intelligence is the direction of many products upgrades. Home medical device products will gradually have data transmission, data storage and data analysis functions, and upload monitoring data to the health cloud platform.


Wearables mainly refer to long -term dynamic health data monitoring to provide more comprehensive health data information and improve the level of diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, in long -term data monitoring, an early warning can be issued once discovery of abnormal data information.


People's impression of medical health is uncomfortable. Whether going to the hospital to see a doctor or treatment, the whole process is always full of various discomfort. With the gradual implementation of the concept of home medical care, future home medical devices will pay more attention to more attention Available ways of use. Family is a place to rest, and it is generally more secure here, so the equipment used here will also be required. The market demand is the goal of manufacturers. Under the increasingly fierce market competition, who products must meet customer needs, whoever has achieved victory, comfortable household medical device products are more likely to get customer stickiness.

Remote medical treatment

Remote medical care is based on intelligent home medical device products. After the personal health data is transmitted to the healthy cloud platform, the health cloud platform transmits the data to the corresponding hospital or doctor. Answer the patient's emergency consultation to achieve remote medical purposes.

Multi -functional

Multi -functionalization is actually a very common phenomenon, and it is also a direction that many types of products must face in the process of upgrading. The multi -functionalization of home -based products may be reflected in the combination of family scenes, which is related to the gradual reduction of the modern family environment. Under the premise of multiple functions, it also occupies a small space, which will become a direction. Too high housing prices will lead to the integration of many home products.

Different from large -scale hospital medical devices, household medical devices not only have the characteristics of medical equipment, but also produce consumer goods attributes similar to home appliances. Compared with large medical equipment, the technical threshold for home medical device is low and the audience is wide. With the continuous popularization of health knowledge, household medical equipment will gradually become common products of the family.

What Is Home Medical Device, the Introduction of the Five Major Development Directions in the Future 1

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