What Is Going on with Sleep and Breathing, Why Use Sleep Ventilator?

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Burnout during the day, snoring like thunder in the evening, no god at work, sleeping in a meeting .. Do you have the same experience, continuous snoring at night, repeated breathing suspension and wake up. Be wary of the possibility of sleep apnea syndrome.

We often say that sleep respiratory suspension is usually obstructive sleep apnea, also known as obstructive sleep apnea and low ventilation syndrome. Patients with such syndrome will repeatedly occur and low ventilation when they sleep. Symptoms usually show snoring, and the snoring sounds are relatively loud, without regularity, and it is easy to have suffocation when sleeping, even wake up, and have symptoms of sleep disorders. Due to poor rest and insufficient oxygen at night, patients will have drowsiness, poor spirit, and decreased memory during the day. In the long run, it will also induce patients with cognitive dysfunction and abnormal behavior.

Continically positive pressure (CPAP), commonly known as sleep ventilator, is commonly used to treat sleep respiratory suspension. Sleep ventilator provides patients with continuous positive pressure airflow by providing continuous airway pressure, so that patients keep the airway unobstructed in the sleep state, and assist patients to breathe normally during sleep. Wait, solve the problem of hypoxia at night, thereby assisting the treatment of obese and pregnancy -induced sleep apnea and low ventilation syndrome due to obesity and pregnancy, helping to reduce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other chronic health risks caused by sleep hypoxia at night. There is no need to perform wound surgery. Sleep health can be improved by positive pressure ventilation physical therapy.

Due to the solution of the respiratory suspension problem, the problem of hypoxia has improved, then the human body can enter deep sleep for deep rest. What follows is that the quality of sleep has been significantly improved, and the sleep time is reduced. The quality of sleep is not directly connected with time. The key is to see if you sleep well. If you sleep well, then even if you sleep for five or six hours, your energy will remain strong during the day.

What Is Going on with Sleep and Breathing, Why Use Sleep Ventilator? 1

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