What Is Color Ultrasound? Digital Doppler Ultrasound Principle and Advantage Introduction

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What is color ultrasound? Color ultrasonic is a simple way to make digital Doppler ultrasound. The principle of digital Doppler ultrasound is to use sound waves to change the frequency of echo of the mobile body. Ordinary B -ultrasound machines do not have this function. Using the Doppler function to observe the blood flow in the lesion or normal organs, this function is essential in the heart and blood vessel ultrasound observation.

Digital Doppler ultrasound inspection is not as simple as ordinary people think that the black and white ultrasonic inspection instrument is replaced with color ultrasound. In addition to the advantages of the lesions in the tissue organs than ordinary B -ultrasound, it can show the advantages of smaller lesions in the tissue organs. Puller technology, high -pulse repetition frequency Doppler, color Doppler blood flow seeing, power -shaped color blood flow imaging, organizational Doppler appearance and other color Doppler ultrasound technology to observe the inspection tissue organs in different In the cycle, the blood flow speed changes, blood flow status, and the blood flow speed distribution on the echo echo surface image, combine this information with the relevant black and white ultrasonic two -dimensional anatomical structure information There is a lesion, the degree of lesion, and the nature of the lesion.

Compared with ordinary B -ultrasound, digital Doppler ultrasound has more advantages in addition to color display functions:

1. High resolution and high sensitivity, can find small lesions that can be displayed in black and white;

2. There are more functions, and you can exchange applications at any time as needed, which is conducive to the detection of lesions and the benign and malignant judgment of the pupils;

3. The application is more widely used, and a probe with various frequencies can be checked by various organs and various diseases throughout the body;

4. Technology is more advanced and can support the application of a variety of new technologies, real -time ultrasound angiography and pestination biopsy and treatment under the guidance of ultrasound guidance.

In fact, the advantages of digital Doppler ultrasound are far more than that. As the scope of clinical application is getting wider and wider, its advantages are becoming more and more prominent. If you have a plan to purchase color ultrasound recently, welcome to inquire: 400-6656-888, we For you in detail.

What Is Color Ultrasound? Digital Doppler Ultrasound Principle and Advantage Introduction 1

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