What Is Color Doppler Ultrasound? You Need to Know These Points

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What is color Doppler ultrasound? Color Doppler ultrasound is also known as color Doppler ultrasound. It is a medical device that is suitable for the internal organs of the body, the body, the limb blood vessels and the superficial organs, as well as the abdomen, the gynecological and gynecology. It is based on the pulse Podopler, calculated with motion target display, autocorrelation function, digital scanning conversion, color coding and other technologies to achieve colorful appearances of blood flow.

For clinical doctors who want to know the color Doppler ultrasound, the following points need to be known:

1. Determine the direction of blood flow

The red displayed in the color Doppler ultrasound is not necessarily arteries, and blue is not necessarily vein.

Under normal circumstances, red represents the blood flow towards the probe, and blue represents the blood flow from the probe.

Of course, red represents the probe, and the blue represents is not unchanged from the probe. It can be set through the machine. In addition, the angle of the color Doppler sampling box can also change the color of the blood flow display, but in order to better present the color blood flow signal, the sample box and the angle of the blood vessel should be as small as possible.

2. Preliminary judgment of fast blood flow speed slowly

The strength of the color Doppler signal can roughly reflect the speed of blood flow, the color signal is bright, indicating that the blood flow is fast, and the color signal is dim that the blood flow speed is slow.

3. Recognize arteries and veins

There are many ways to identify arteries and veins in actual work. Among them, spectrum Doppler is one of the methods we often use, so there is no spectrum Doppler, how should we identify only on the color Doppler ultrasound?

Because the arteries are beating, the blood flow signal of the blood flow during the diastolic period is slow and even the blood flow signal is not even blood flow. It can be seen that the arterial blood flow signal flashes, and the color signal is brighter.

The venous blood flow speed is low, and there is no contraction period and a diastolic period. Therefore, the blood flow signal appears continuously, and the color signal is dull.

4. Determine blood flow nature

The nature of blood flow includes layer flow and turbulence. The colorful blood flow signal of the layer flow is relatively uniform, with a color signal with high brightness in the central part and low brightness at the close tube wall; turbulence shows the colorful inlaid blood flow signal.

The application range of color Doppler ultrasound is wider than the B -ultrasound, which can diagnose the lesions more accurately. The accuracy of diagnosis is significantly higher than that of B -ultrasound. If you want to know the performance and parameters of color Doppler ultrasound, please contact us and consult the call 400-6656-888.

What Is Color Doppler Ultrasound? You Need to Know These Points 1

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