What Is Color Doppler Ultrasound? What Should I Pay Attention to When Checking?

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What is color Doppler ultrasound? Color Doppler ultrasound referred to as color Doppler ultrasound, a medical device for clinical medicine. Can check the heart, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidney, eyeballs, thyroids, breasts, uterus and accessories, bladder, prostate and other systemic organs, especially cardiovascular diseases can be measured by three -dimensional imaging and multiple cardiac functional measurements. Essence

What should I pay attention to when color Doppler ultrasound inspections?

1. Abdominal ultrasound examination should be carried out in the morning, including liver, gallbladder, pancreas, bile ducts, back, abdominal membrane, abdominal large blood vessels, etc., fasting after at 8 o'clock the night before, drinking water after 12 o'clock.

2. Ultrasonic examination should be arranged before the endoscopy (gastrointestinal), gastrointestinal meal and biliary angiography. If the above examination has been performed, the ultrasonic examination should be arranged as much as possible after the 2nd and 3rd.

3. The prostate, seminal vesicles, ureteral stones, gynecological, early pregnancy ultrasound examination (13 weeks ago) and medium and night pregnancy suspected that the bladder must be fully filled with urgent urination when there is a front placenta. Patients should drink 500 1000 ml of water 1 to 2 hours before the examination.

4. Before the rectal examination of the prostate and seminal vesicles, the bowel movement should be defecated, and urinating is moderately urinated. Before vaginal ultrasound examination, you should empty your urine and check it after menstruation to avoid infection.

5. Under normal circumstances, no special preparation is required for organs such as fetal, kidney, spleen, eye, thyroid, breast, blood vessels, and adult heart heart in the middle and late pregnancy.

6. If there are no special circumstances (coma, severe trauma, etc.), patients should wear loose clothing for treatment to fully expose the inspection site. Do not wear necklaces and other accessories (including thyroid gland, neck blood vessels, etc.).

7. Inf infants and young children, if they do not cooperate, take sedatives under the guidance of clinicians to check.

8. Patients are ready for previous cases or other inspection reports in order to make a diagnosis of the inspectors.

Color Doppler ultrasound checking images are relatively clear. According to the results, doctors can determine the condition in time and accurately give the treatment plan without delaying the healing of the patient. It is recommended to make the preparations required for inspection in advance to avoid affecting the results of the inspection.

What Is Color Doppler Ultrasound? What Should I Pay Attention to When Checking? 1

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