What Is Color Doppler Ultrasound? G31 Color Doppler Ultrasound Technical Advantage

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What is color Doppler ultrasound? Color Doppler ultrasound is referred to as color Doppler ultrasound, which is based on pulse Poppler, using motion target displays, autocorrelation functions, digital scanning conversion, color coding and other technologies to achieve colorful appearances of blood flow. Compared with the black and white B -ultrasound, the color Doppler ultrasound image is clearer and clear, and the diagnostic accuracy is also higher. It has become an indispensable medical equipment for medical treatment.

Nanjing Schipsta's G31 portable color Doppler ultrasonic diagnostic system is applied to cardiovascular, digestive system, urinary system, obstetrics and gynecology, superficial organs, muscle and osteo joint systems, and pediatrics. And pathological lesions provide a scientific basis for diagnosis and treatment. The technical advantages of the product are as follows:

1) EPure image enhancement technology

Ultrasonic image optimization technology and adaptive image micro -environment enhancement technology.

2) EFCI frequency composite imaging technology

Enhance the penetration of ultrasonic images and improve space resolution.

3) ESCI space composite imaging technology

Eliminate the noise and pseudo image, and improve the uniformity of the image.

4) Etouch adaptive optimization technology

The optimization conditions of various application patterns are optimized in different modes such as 2D, CFM, PW, CW, such as 2D, CFM, PW, CW, and the operation is simple and fast.

5) EView wide -view imaging technology

Obtain a series of two -dimensional cutting images through the movement of the probe, use computer reconstruction, and stitch it into a continuous cut surface.

6) ETHI organization harmonic imaging technology

The low -frequency base wave emission is used to receive the second harmonic zooming imaging of the base wave frequency, which improves the signal -to -noise ratio.

G31便携式彩色多普勒超声诊断系统具有多波速形成功能以及IMT内中膜自动测量具有功能强大的病人信息管理系统实时图像放大技术M超解剖线在妇产小器官急诊 A new experience in clinical diagnosis such as muscle bone and anesthesia, and small and exquisite design, with a built -in battery life up to 10AH lithium ion batteries, ensuring enough outdoor use for a long time.

What Is Color Doppler Ultrasound? G31 Color Doppler Ultrasound Technical Advantage 1

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