What Is Color Doppler Ultrasound and Which Diseases Can Be Used For?

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The color Doppler and B -ultrasound are the way of ultrasound. Ordinary B -ultrasound is a two -dimensional ultrasound. Through the instrument receiving signal, the form of each tissue and organs is displayed to determine whether the human organs have lesions, lesions, and functional damage.

Color Doppler ultrasonic diagnosis is based on the use of color Doppler ultrasonic detection diagnostic technology on the basis of ordinary B -ultrasound, which can quantitative analysis of the narrowness, reflux and diversified lesions in the cardiovascular system. It is a medical equipment that is suitable for the heart, limb vascular and superficial organs, as well as examination diagnosis of diagnosis of the heart, limb vascular and superficial organs.

Color Doppler ultrasound has the advantages of two -dimensional ultrasound structure images, but also provides rich information of blood flow dynamics. The actual application has been widely valued and welcomed. It is clinically hailed as "non -traumatic blood vessel angiography". Essence

Color Doppler ultrasound can be used clinically for the following disease examinations:

1. Gynecological diseases: such as uterine fibroids, endometrial diseases, ovarian diseases, ectopic pregnancy, pelvic diseases, etc.

2. Body blood vessels: such as dynamic vein, arteriosclerosis, dynamic fistula, dynamic embolism, etc.

3. Abdominal diseases: such as abdominal organs tumors, liver cirrhosis, gallstones, urinary stones, tuberculosis, etc.

4. Body organs: such as mammary clock, breast hyperplasia, thyroid tumors, thyroiditis, testicular epididymia, inflammation, etc.

5, heart disease: such as congenital heart disease, wind heart disease, coronary heart disease, etc.

The advantages of ultrasound inspection are obvious, and the inspection is comprehensive. It is an accurate and effective inspection, which is completely harmless to the human body. It can even perform 4-5 ultrasound examinations during pregnancy. Ultrasound examination is very convenient, and it is very convenient, and it is very convenient, and it is very convenient. Compared with other inspections, the price is also cheaper, which can be used to screen diseases or review; it is conducive to the dynamic observation of images and real -time dynamic comparison.

What Is Color Doppler Ultrasound and Which Diseases Can Be Used For? 1

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