What Is Blood Sinking Instrument? What Are the Main Aspects of the Test-Proven Medical

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As people's attention to health is increasing, while the number of medical examinations every year is increasing, the number of medical examination centers or hospitals is also expanding. Therefore, the hemodiability instrument is used as a common equipment for the inspection department. Essence But for many people, what is the equipment? Let's take a closer look with the editor of Prank Medical Equipment.

The hemodiability instrument is an automated instrument that uses a unique data processing method to perform an ESR (red blood cell settlement rate/blood sink) analysis by the microprocessor. Infrared sending and receiving the range of the tube (TX -RX) is C, the reading terminal of the blood sinking tube is: L is the bottom, H is a good instrument. After a simple understanding of its basic definition, what aspects can they detect?

The detection results of the samples can be stored, including sample numbers, blood sinks and dynamic curves. The hemodiability instrument has the function of power -off protection. When the power is disconnected, the detection results that have been completed automatically; if you want to know more about other related advantages and functions such as Prank medical equipment manufacturers, you can call for information: 400-6656-888.

What Is Blood Sinking Instrument? What Are the Main Aspects of the Test-Proven Medical 1

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