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What is blood gas analysis? Blood gas analysis refers to the relevant indicators that measure the partial pressure and content of the gas ingredients (O2, CO2, etc.) dissolved in the blood, while determining the relevant indicators of the acid -base balance. By analyzing and understanding and determining the ventilation and ventilation function of the lungs, the type and severity of respiratory failure, and various types of acid -base imbalances. The blood gas analyzer is very important in clinical work. It is a necessary medical equipment for patients with critical condition.

How does the blood gas analyzer operate?

The operation method of the blood gas analyzer is simple. Generally, the blood gas analyzer operates manual for sampling and input parameters. The blood gas analyzer will automatically run and print the results.

1. Blood mining: The ideal part of the blood collection is the arteries that are easy to touch, convenient puncture, the body's side branches with more circulation, and far from veins and nerves. The radial artery is commonly used (pain sensitivity, not easy to succeed in patients with cycle failure), followed by femoral arteries (rough, applicable to patients and children with cycle failure).

2. Prepare sample: Remove the needle and fully hepinomenize the arterial blood specimen.

3. Operate in the state of the blood gas analyzer "Ready". According to the prompts on the display, the arterial blood specimen selects "Arterial".

4. Inhale blood samples: When the sampling needle of the blood gas analyzer is lifted, the syringe port is inserted to the point of the syringe, select the "OK" key on the display screen, and the blood gas analyzer begins to suck. Waiting for the result.

In clinical practice, the ICU is more commonly used. Although the oncology department is usually used less, it does not mean that it does not deal with the blood gas analyzer. When the patient is in danger The pulmonary gas exchange function and its accompanying acid -base balance regulation status. The inspection of the necessary blood gas analyzer has important guiding significance for the diagnosis and treatment of critical illness.

What Is Blood Gas Analysis and How Does the Blood Gas Analyzer Operate? -Prang Medical 1

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