What Is Antigen Detection? What Is the Difference Between Antigen Detection and Nucleic Acid Detecti

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The State Council's comprehensive group of the new type of coronary virus pneumonia's epidemic control mechanism organized the "new coronary virus antigen detection application scheme (trial)", which was decided to increase antigen detection as supplements on the basis of nucleic acid detection. In this regard, our province responded in a timely manner to promote the monitoring mode of "antigen screening, nucleic acid diagnosis", and through self -testing of residents, improve the sensitivity of monitoring and early warning, and control the source of infection as soon as possible.

What is antigen detection? How is it different from nucleic acid detection?

Nucleic acid detection and antigen detection are two different detection methods. The antigen detection is a "coat" for detecting the new coronary virus. Most of them are now using a protein called "N protein" as the target antigen; nucleic acid detection is a nucleic acid wrapped in the virus. It is usually a small gene of a new crown virus. Fragment. Nucleic acid detection can be tested by one million and tens of millions of levels of nucleic acids obtained by instruments and reagents. Even if only a small amount of virus is obtained, it can be detected; Therefore, the accuracy and sensitivity of antigen detection are lower than that of nucleic acid detection. At present, nucleic acid testing is still the "gold standard" of the new crown virus detection.

The antigen detection is mainly suitable for screening of grass -roots hospitals without nucleic acid detection and personal self -examination. It does not require specialized laboratories and complex instruments, which can improve early detection capabilities, which is conducive to detecting the source of infection in a short period of time. So, who needs to do antigen self -examination? The applicable people include: at the grass -roots medical and health institutions, they are accompanied by symptoms such as respiratory tract, fever and other symptoms within 5 days; isolation observer; those who need antigen self -testing needs.

Compared with the results of nucleic acid detection for several hours, the antigen detection speed is fast, and the results are produced in about 15 minutes; the operation is convenient, and the detection method is similar to the early pregnancy test paper for family. It is generally used in early screening of infection. "When doing antigen testing, we must read the instructions carefully and standardize operations. At the same time, it is necessary to do a good job of proper treatment of medical waste to prevent secondary disasters and secondary pollution of the epidemic.

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What Is Antigen Detection? What Is the Difference Between Antigen Detection and Nucleic Acid Detecti 1

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