What Is an Ultrasonic Diagnostic Instrument? There Are 4 Types of Ultrasonic Diagnostic Instruments

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The application of the ultrasonic diagnostic instrument is very wide. When you see a doctor, doctors often say "doing a color Doppler ultrasound", "doing a B -ultrasound" or something, referring to ultrasound. What is an ultrasonic diagnostic instrument? The definition is also simple: it is a ultrasonic -based image diagnosis medical equipment.

The principle of the ultrasonic diagnostic instrument is to use the reflection of sound waves. The ultrasonic probe emits some unstented sound waves, which is reflected after different tissues, and then received by the ultrasonic probe. After processing of the machine, it becomes a visible image -of course, these images have to be specially trained. Only the doctor can make accurate judgments. The "ultrasound report" we see is written by the doctor carefully observing the image and combined with medical knowledge.

There are 4 common types of ultrasonic diagnostic meters:

1. A super (A-type ultrasonic Amplitude-Mode Ultrasound)

The characteristics of human tissue are displayed through waveforms, which are mainly used to measure the diameter of the organs and judge its size. Mainly applied in the field of ophthalmology.

2. B ultrasound (BRIGHTNESS-Mode Ultrasound)

This is a common ultrasonic examination. It is the case of the human tissue through the plane graphics.

Color Doppler: Everyone has heard of this. In fact, the "color ultrasound" means "color B -ultrasound", which is to detect the direction of liquid flow in the body through machine detection. If the flow direction is towards the probe, it will display red on the display; on the contrary, if the direction of the liquid flow is far from the probe, it will take it, then put it. The image is displayed as blue. Therefore, this "color" is not the real color of human tissue, but it is automatically added by the machine, also known as "pseudo".

In addition to the "color Doppler ultrasound", the B -ultrasound also includes "3D B -ultrasound" (multiple two -dimensional graphics "processing" as a standing graphic) and "four -dimensional B -ultrasound" (lasting on the basis of the three -dimensional B ultrasound, it lasts for a period of time. That is, a "animation" was recorded).

3. M super (M-type ultrasound MOTION-MODE Ultrasound)

Also known as the "ultrasound heart dynamic picture" inspection, it is mainly used to observe the time change of the activity interface. Suitable for activity to check the heart.

4. D ultrasound (Dopper-Mode Ultrasound)

Also known as "Doppler ultrasound" or "ultrasonic frequency migration diagnosis", it is an ultrasonic diagnosis method that uses the principle of Doppler effects to check blood flow and organ activity.

Therefore, ultrasound inspections are divided into A super, B -ultrasound, D super, M super, but there is no "C super" and "E super". , "Mobile" and "Doppler (Effect)". Well, this is about the introduction of the ultrasound diagnostic instrument. I hope the above content will be helpful to you.

What Is an Ultrasonic Diagnostic Instrument? There Are 4 Types of Ultrasonic Diagnostic Instruments  1

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