What Is an Enzyme Label? What Is the Purpose and Working Principle of the Enzyme Titles

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The enzyme label is a laboratory instrument to measure chemistry, biological or physical reactions, characteristics and analysis in the micropores. Micro -holes are composed of small holes, which reacts to separate. These reactions convert the presence or biochemical process of the analysis into a light signal.

The enzyme standard is used to quantify several biological and chemical measurement in the micropores. Today, the emergence of a large number of kits makes the application of enzymes in different fields and many different applications. In addition to biology, biochemistry and drug research in academic and industrial environment, the board reader is also used in environmental research and food or cosmetics industries.

The definition and use of the enzyme label instrument is introduced above. What is the working principle of as a inspection department? For buyers, if you can have enough understanding of the purchased products, you can master the elements of procurement.

The enzyme standard combined the antigen or antibody and the enzyme with the adhesive as the enzyme antigen or antibody. This enzyme standard antigen or antibody can be specific to the corresponding antigen or antibody on the solid phase or in the tissue. Keeping activity immune complex. When the corresponding substrate is added, the substrate is catalyzed by enzymes and shows the corresponding reaction color. The color depth is proportional to the corresponding antigen or antibody content.

The enzyme standard can be divided into grating enzyme standards and filter sheet enzyme standards in principle. The grating type enzyme label can intercept any wavelength within the wavelength range of the light source, while the filter sheet enzyme labels can only be tested according to the selected filter. As a manufacturer of an enzyme labeling instrument, Proud Medical Equipment currently has a lot of enzyme labels and good quality. It can provide professional after-sales service. If you are interested in our products, you can consult: 400- 6656-888.

What Is an Enzyme Label? What Is the Purpose and Working Principle of the Enzyme Titles 1

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