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More and more people are plagued by sleep and respiratory suspension syndrome, and household non -invasive ventilator has attracted much attention. However, most people do not know that non -invasive ventilators are divided into single -level ventilator and dual horizontal ventilator. It is not clear that the principles and effects of the two ventilator machines are afraid that they will spend money. Let me introduce to you what is a single level and dual level. What are the differences between these two ventilator?

Non -invasive ventilators can be divided into single -level and dual -level ventilator. Single level is the meaning of single airway pressure. When a single horizontal ventilator is inhaled and exhaled in patients, the ventilator provides a constant pressure working mode. This constant pressure supports the upper respiratory tract, so that the patient's upper airway is continued during sleep. Open state, avoid collapse and reduce sleep suspension. A single horizontal ventilator is mainly used for patients who are mostly snoring and breathing sleep.

The dual -level ventilator is to provide patients with two different airway positive pressure. When the patient inhales, it provides high pressure to facilitate inhalation. When the patient is exhaling, it provides lower pressure. Inhale pressure and low exhalation pressure, when the patient provides high inhalation pressure when inhaling to keep the airway open, it provides lower exhalation pressure when exhaling to ensure the patient's breathing smoothly. The machine is synchronized with the respiratory, and the dual -level ventilator is suitable for patients with various types of sleep respiratory suspension syndrome and all patients who need to use non -invasive ventilation, such as lung function, chronic obstructive pulmonary, and so on to help patients excrete carbon dioxide and inhale more oxygen.

In summary, single -horizontal ventilator is mainly used to treat obstructive sleep apnea, while dual -level ventilator is used to treat central sleep apnea, complex sleep apnea, or slow lung blockage. In terms of price, dual levels are more expensive than single levels. After all, dual -level ventilator is a complicated disease. The comfort and preferences of different modes of ventilator depends on individuals. If users cannot tolerate single -level ventilator, they usually use dual levels. Dual -level ventilator compared to single horizontal ventilator more comfortable to use.

What Is a Single Level and Dual Level. What Are the Differences Between These Two Ventilator? -Prang 1

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