What Is a Separate Biochemical Analyzer and What Are the Classifications?

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Biochemical analyzers are mainly used to clinically test the biochemical indicators such as blood glucose and blood lipids, liver function, renal function, myocardial enzyme spectrum, immunoglobulin, and are one of the essential testing equipment for various hospitals and medical examination centers at this stage. In recent years, the automation of clinical instruments has brought new development to the medical device field. By shortening the test time and reducing the flow of inspectors, the burden of clinical laboratories largely reduces the burden on clinical laboratories. Here are a separate biochemical analyzer.

The separated biochemical analyzer is classified according to the structure of the reaction device. The corresponding part of the separate biochemical analyzer is the liquid biochemical analyzer. The reactions are completed in their respective reasons, which are not prone to poor pollution, and the results are reliable. The chemical reactions of the same samples and reagents of the same test samples and reagents are completed during the flow of the same pipeline. The chemical reactions of the separate samples of the separate biochemical analyzer to be mixed with the reagents are completed in their respective reaction cups.

There are several types of branches of separate biochemical analyzers:

1. Corresponding automated automated analyzer: Each of the samples to be tested is mixed with reagents in their respective reactions under the action of centrifugal force to complete chemical reactions and measurement. Because mixing, reaction and detection are almost completed at the same time, its analysis efficiency is high.

2. The bag -type automatic biochemical analyzer is replaced by the reaction cup and the color cup with a reagent bag. Each of the samples to be measured in their respective reagent bags and measured.

3. Dry -type automatic biochemical analyzer: Its main feature is that solid -phase chemical technology is used to fix the reagent on the carrier of film or filter paper. During the measurement, a certain amount of samples to be tested are distributed on a test paper. After a certain period of time, it is determined with a reflection optical meter. Its advantage is that the operation is fast and easy to carry.

Due to the gradual improvement of the requirements of the hospital's inspection equipment, the fully automatic biochemical analyzer enters a peak application period. The separate automated biochemical analyzer is currently an automatic biochemical analyzer generally used in various laboratories. It has the advantages of high precision and accuracy. It is used by hospitals to detect various blood biochemical indicators.

What Is a Separate Biochemical Analyzer and What Are the Classifications? 1

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