What Is a Portable Bedside Color Doppler Ultrasound, and What Clinical Advantages It Has?

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What is a portable bedside color Doppler ultrasound machine? Portable bed color Doppler ultrasound machines are the miniaturization and convenientization of traditional color Doppler ultrasound machines. At the same time, many new technologies are applied in order to achieve convenience. Traditional color Doppler ultrasound inspection items generally require patients to check in the ultrasonic room by professional imaging doctors. The machines used are basically hand -push, and it is inconvenient to move. The use of carcass color ultrasound machines is relatively flexible and can be used in the clinical examination of some inaccessible patients who cannot move. Therefore, its use has been widely spread.

Portable bed color Doppler ultrasound machine solve the problem of hazardous patients, emergency patients, operating room patients, and other patients who have lost their ability to checked. It is necessary to monitor the functional status of each organs at any time. There is a greater risk to leave the ward. There is a possibility of damage to the patients to move. The ultrasound next to the bed to the patient is directly shortened, which greatly shortens the patient's consultation time and the risk of damage caused by moving. It can be carried out at the same time as other clinical diagnosis and treatment measures to win precious rescue time for clinical fighting.

As a fast, simple, and accurate imaging medical equipment, a portable bed color Doppler ultrasound provides the condition of the child's craniocerebral tissue lesions in time in the NICU, as well as ultrasound information such as the heart and abdomen to help clinicians quickly lock the main cause and determine Processing plan. In addition, due to the characteristics of ultrasonic non -invasive and cheapness, non -radioactivity, etc., clinically, high -risk children with high -risk children who are prone to intracranial hemorrhage can be repeatedly screened. Provide a more reliable basis for diagnosis and treatment for the time, location and severity of premature babies.

The carcass color ultrasound machine can meet the needs of ultrasonic examination of the abdomen, heart, neck blood vessels, peripheral blood vessels, and superficial organs in clinical patients. It provides high -quality and efficient bed color Doppler ultrasound examination services for patients with emergency and mobility in the ward. Patients diagnosis. If you want to know the specific parameters and prices of our company's portable bed color ultrasound machine, please consult 400-6656-888.

What Is a Portable Bedside Color Doppler Ultrasound, and What Clinical Advantages It Has? 1

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