What Is a Nucleic Acid Extract Instrument? Introduction

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核酸是生物的遗传物质也是分子诊断的基石传统的核酸提取方法一般会使用无机或者有机物裂解细胞释放核酸然后再使用一些方法对其进行分离达到核酸提取的目的比如热裂解 Alkali cracks, ultrasonic cracks and so on. Nucleic acid extract instrument is an instrument for the extraction of the extraction of the sample nucleic acid to apply a supporting nucleic acid extract reagent.

In order to meet the development needs of modern molecular biology, high sensitivity, and automated operations, in the 1990s, the magnetic pearl nucleic acid extract instrument was born. The principle is that the surface of the magnetic bead has a specific active group, which is on a specific active group. Under the conditions, it can be specific with nucleic acids, and at the same time, the magnetic bead itself has the magnetic response capacity. Under the action of adding magnetic fields, it can be easily moved and enriched, thereby achieving separation and purification of nucleic acid.

So, what are the advantages of magnetic pearl nucleic acid extraction instrument?

1. Low sample demand: a small amount of material can mention high -concentration nucleic acids;

2. Simple and fast operation: The entire operation process is basically divided into five steps (cracking, combination, washing, drying, and elution). There is no need to centrifugation throughout the process. Most of them can be completed within 30 to 60 minutes;

3. Stable and reliable quality: The binding amount of free magnetic beads and nucleic acids is larger, and the combination of specificity makes the purity of nucleic acid higher, and the nucleic acid recovery can be adjusted by controlling magnetic bead surface groups;

4. Fully automated operation: Using nucleic acid extraction instruments to achieve automation and high throughput operations. Starting one click, you can achieve dozens or even hundreds of sample extraction;

5. Safe toxic non -toxic and harmless: Reagents do not contain toxic chemical reagents such as phenol, chloroform, and fully meet the concept of modern environmental protection.

Almost every laboratory, separation and purification related to biomolecules is very important and essential. However, it is quite difficult to purify multiple samples. Not only need to choose the appropriate purification technology, but also the workload is particularly large, it is difficult to meet the current demand for extraction and purification of high -throughput samples. The PLH-96 (4x24) nucleic acid extract in the Proven Medical Device manufacturer uses magnetic bead method. It can apply the extraction of nucleic acids and proteins of various samples. Each independent experimental cabin can run 2 96 deep -hole plates at the same time, and each deep hole board can extract 24 samples. It is suitable for both a small amount of sample extraction and the high -throughput extraction required for a large amount of samples.

What Is a Nucleic Acid Extract Instrument? Introduction 1

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