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What is a launder? It is a medical device that specializes in cleaning the enzyme standard board, which is generally used with the enzyme label instrument. It is mainly used for some residual substances after the detection of enzymes, which reduces the error caused by the residue during the subsequent test. The laundering machine has been widely used in laboratories such as hospitals, blood stations, sanitary epidemic prevention stations, reagent factories, and research rooms.

As grass -roots units and hospitals are constantly replacing medical equipment and improving experiments and inspection technologies. Therefore, as one of the necessary equipment for inspection sections, the laundering machine has a high frequency, and the industry competition is more intense. In the face of domestic brands Continuously breeding, how can we choose the appropriate laundering machine in many brands. I believe that this question may have a headache for many purchases. So, what do we need to pay attention to when purchasing the laundering machine? Let's follow the editor of Proven Medical Equipment.

1. Key indicators: Residual quantity Ren 2L1 holes

This is a key indicator of the scrubbing machine. The laundering machine with a large residual volume is relatively poor. At present, the residual amount of most laundering machines is 5ul, and the well -designed laundering machine can reach 2ul.

2. Whether to provide optional laundering environment

It is recommended to choose instruments with the bottom flushing and two -point suction solution; because the bottom rinse of the bottom is conducive to reducing the interference adsorption at the bottom of the microre plate. Two points of suction solution can greatly reduce the amount of microne's liquid residue.

3. Examine the reliability of the instrument and the reliability of washing effect

1. First, the reliability of the instrument itself, that is, the design of the instrument can withstand long -term use, ensuring that the instrument can work during the service life period, including display and accurate exercise. It is recommended that users examine the technical and production strength of the instrument manufacturer.

2. First, the reliability of the washing effect, that is, was cleaned, and truly achieved the purpose of replacing manual washing and even better than manual washing. It is recommended that users consult a superior unit or typical user who uses the instrument.

4. Whether the after -sales service is timely and the price is reasonable

The laundering machine is a relatively high usage instrument. From the perspective of exercise, the frequency is dozens of times the enzyme label instrument. Some hospitals are scrapped for two years. The main reason is that there is no after -sales service or after -sales service. It is a pity that some are scrapped because of the lack of one accessory. The timely after -sales service and relatively reasonable service price are the factors that should be considered to buy a launder.

5. Whether the accessories are sufficient

Whether manufacturers can provide commonly used and replaceable accessories, such as cleaning their hair, should be spare of 8 and 12, and eliminate regularly, such as washing bottle and silicone tube, it should be convenient to buy.

The above simple summary of some points about the purchase of the plate washing machine, which factors and attention should be considered, there may be need to add. In fact Products, more about product information related to board washing machines, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

What Is a Laundering Machine, What Should I Pay Attention to When Buying? -Prang Medical 1

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