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What is a launder? For many people, this is a strange term. In fact, this is a commonly used device for inspection department, and there are many venues. Let's follow the editor of Proven Medical Device Factory to learn more about it. The washing machine is a medical device that specializes in cleaning enzymes, which are generally used with enzyme markers. It is mainly used for some residual substances after the detection of enzymes, which reduces the error caused by the residue during the subsequent test. It has been widely used in laboratories such as hospitals such as hospitals, blood stations, sanitary epidemic prevention stations, reagent factories, and research rooms.

After simply understanding what is the laundering machine, how do you choose the current brands and manufacturers of the current laundering machine? This problem has always troubled many buyers. In fact, if you choose a single price, it is easy to cause the wrong choice. It should be compared with multiple models. You can consider from the following aspects:

1. Key indicators: Residual amount 2 L/holes.

2. Whether it can provide an optional washing environment.

3. Examine the reliability of the instrument and the reliability of washing effect.

4. Whether the after -sales service is timely and the price is reasonable.

5. Whether the accessories are sufficient.

6. Whether the human -machine interface is friendly, there is a Chinese display.

Prank Medical has been engaged in the production and research and development of laundering machines. At present, there are many types of laundering machines sold. The functions and characteristics of the DNX-9620 board washing machine are mainly introduced:

1. A variety of cleaning methods can apply to different experimental requirements.

2. The instrument uses double pump without positive and negative pressure rinse techniques to reduce cross -pollution in the liquid road.

3. The operating system in Chinese is simple and clear, and you can learn simple training.

4. Used for medical and medical research units cleaning 8 12 or 12 8 96 -pels and 48 -hole enzyme standards.

5. It has a flushing function of the instrument's own pipeline, which reduces the blockage caused by the crystal of the liquid in use.

6. There is an anti -overflow function: During excessive injection, the excess washing liquid will be automatically sucked away without flowing into the frame and instrument.

What Is a Launder? What Elements Need to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Launder-Pulang Medical 1

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