What Is a Fully Automatic Blood Gas Analyzer? What Departments Can It Be Used?

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What is a fully automatic blood gas analyzer? In fact, many people do not understand, because in daily life, this device is generally not exposed to. In fact, in some laboratories, large and small hospitals, there are still many blood gas analyzers. It is clinically judged by arterial blood acidic acid Important medical equipment for alkali balance. The fully automatic blood gas analyzer is a means of determining the H concentration of human blood and the gas that dissolved in the blood (mainly referring to CO2, O2) to understand a means of human respiratory function and acid -base balance. Function and its pH balance.

So, what departments can the fully automatic blood gas analyzer be used for?

1. Respiratory

Respiratory diseases, especially patients with severe severe severe patients, often have arterial blood gas changes such as acid -base imbalances, and different types of acid -base imbalances of different diseases are essentially different. Respiratory diseases can cause acid -base imbalance and hypoxemia. The use of fully automatic blood gas analyzer for dynamic blood gas analysis has a direct guiding role in clinical diagnosis, treatment and prognosis judgment. The ventilation or ventilation function caused by any cause can cause abnormalities of arterial blood gas analysis, such as lung lesions, respiratory center suppression, and improper use of ventilator.

2. Department of Emergency/Cardiology

Dangerous patients with trauma and emergency treatment generally have changes in blood gas, acid -base, and electrolyte disorders. The disorders of blood gas acid and alkali and electrolytes are directly related to the safety of patients. Sometimes it will become a direct cause of death of severe patients. Correctly and timely judgment and maintenance of this balanced treatment is an important and necessary link in the rescue process of critical patients.

3. Anesthesiology

Anesthesia patients need to be evaluated before, during and after surgery, and selected blood gas analysis and monitoring according to the patient's condition during the operation to understand the patient's oxygen supply situation, and timely understand the electrolyte, acid -base balance, blood sugar change, and blood lactic acid level. Different treatment is performed according to the results of blood gas analysis.

4. Pediatrics/Newborn

Children with urgent crisis need to perform blood gas analysis and detection/monitoring to auxiliary clinical rapid assessment of children's condition and differential causes. Blood gas analysis is a very important lung function monitoring during infants and young children. In the diagnosis of neonatal suffocation, umbilical arteries have a high degree of specificity. For newborns who are suspected of suffocation after birth, the umbilical arteries blood blood gas analysis detection should be routine.

There are more indicators provided by blood gas analysis. The fully automatic blood gas analyzer can directly determine the arterial oxygen division, the carbon dioxide pressure division of the arteries, the concentration of hydrogen ions, the pH of the pH value, and the electrolytes such as K, Na, CL-, CA2 And lactic acid, blood sugar, hemoglobin, red blood cell pressure accumulation and other values.

With the standardization of the medical system, the specific reports of blood gas analysis can provide legal aid for medical disputes caused by severe care, surgery and surgical anesthesia, and greatly improve the efficiency of clinical diagnosis and treatment. For more and more, more and more Accepting hospitals and doctors has become an important equipment for the intensive care room, respiratory department, operating room and emergency department.

What Is a Fully Automatic Blood Gas Analyzer? What Departments Can It Be Used? 1

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