What Is a Food Safety Detector? Introduction

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What is a food safety detector? The food safety detector is a professional food detection instrument, which can quickly detect the safety of various new food projects, such as heavy metals and venom toxins. The instrument has relatively highly high automation technology and high precision. Sampling reduces the incorrect factors and greatly improves the accuracy of food safety testing.

In recent years, food hygiene and safety has caused common concern of people from all walks of life and public. How to control food safety problems faster, guarding everyone's dining table safety, becoming a problem we have to deal with. In the past, the food supervision management system was not sound, and even after the food safety problem occurred, it was not possible to find the root cause of the rapid problem. Nowadays, many regions are traced on the source of food categories, which can be traced back to various types of information content of food, and can easily grasp the identity of food categories.

What are the functional advantages of food safety detector?

The food safety detector has the advantages of fast, accurate, and bento. It can detect various food indicators and complete indicators that endanger human health in accordance with severe rules. There are two methods: fast detection in laboratory fast detection and on -site fast detection. The rapid detection of laboratory is mainly used for laboratory. The use of physical and chemical equipment can be used to obtain qualitative and quantitative detection results within two hours. The results of qualitative and semi -quantitative testing were obtained within a few minutes.

The food safety detector produced by Proven Medical Device manufacturers use intelligent control, which has functions such as settings, data statistics processing, automatic storage, and automatic printing. Use a large screen color touch screen operation, Chinese display. The instrument is equipped with the RS-232 interface. The RS-232 interface can communicate with the PC, and the PC can be controlled by the PC. Humanized design, the instrument interface is beautiful, concise, convenient to operate, and easy to learn. The test results use automatic or manual printing, which can selectively print historical testing data and judgment results.

The food safety detector can help consumers recognize the existence of hidden dangers of food safety, improve a sense of safety diet, and help the farmers' market managers conduct food safety testing. Normal food testing mechanism.

What Is a Food Safety Detector? Introduction 1

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