What Is a Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic Device, and What Is the Difference Between B -ultrasou

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The ultrasonic diagnostic instrument is a medical equipment that uses the physical characteristics of the ultrasonic and the vocal nature of the human organs and organizes the acoustic nature of the human organ to display the physiological status of the disease in the form of waveforms, curves or images, and help the diagnosis of disease diagnosis.

There are different modes of ultrasound. In the 1950s, type A and M -type ultrasound were born; type B ultrasound gradually appeared in the 1970s, which is also known as the "B -ultrasound". Color Doppler ultrasound appeared, commonly known as "color ultrasound", and this is the basic configuration of contemporary ultrasound equipment.

B -ultrasound is the "black and white super" that everyone is well known. The principle is that according to the different acoustic parameters of the human body, the light spots are manifested as different grayscale in the acoustic image diagram. These light spots represent different tissue structures to the echo of ultrasound.

The color Doppler diagnostic instrument is based on the B -ultrasound diagnostic function function, which increases the blood flow of blood vessels in the tissue. The current color Doppler diagnostic instrument usually has B -ultrasound, M super, pulse Doppler, continuous Doppler, colorful color, and many colors. Five ultrasonic diagnosis methods such as Prete. Therefore, its image resolution ability is also better than ordinary black and white super. Now the smaller nodules and small lesions are difficult to display in the previous ordinary black and white super. With the development of technology, the color Doppler ultrasound can be scanned for a few millimeters of millimeters. Small diseases, high resolution and contrast.

In the medical industry, there are many categories of ultrasound, such as ultrasonic cleansing machines in the dental oral cavity, ultrasonic bone knife in orthopedics. Ultrasound diagnostic instrument, common name is color Doppler ultrasound.

The resolution of color ultrasound diagnostic instrument is relatively high: it can find small lesions and small structure inside the lesion, improve the diagnostic rate. At present, three -dimensional and four -dimensional development has been developed on the basis of color Doppler ultrasound. to understand.

What Is a Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic Device, and What Is the Difference Between B -ultrasou 1

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