What Is a Coagulation Analyzer? Introduction to the Application and Advantages of Coagulation Analyz

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The coagulation analyzer can also be called a coagulator, a blood condensate analyzer, a blood coagulation analyzer, etc., which measures various component content in human blood in clinical clinical clinical. Regarding regular detection medical equipment. The technical principles used in different types of coagulation analyzers are also different. The main detection methods currently adopted include coagulation method, substrate color rendering method, immune method, and latex condensation method.

Field application field of coagulation analyzer:

Four conventional coagulation: PT (coagulinase time), APTT (activated partial coagulation activation time), FIB (fibrinogen), TT (coagulant time).

Special coagulation items: D-Dimer (D-di agent), FDP (fibrin/fibrin degradation product), AT- (anticoagulantase III).

The coagulation analyzer mainly includes automatic coagulation and semi -automatic coagulation. In the context of modernization of medical technology, the market for automation coagulation is more demand. In terms of applications, the current automated coagulation instrument is mainly used in the three major scenarios of research and academic institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and diagnostic laboratories.

my country's population is huge. As the aging rate continues to rise, the number of patients with thrombotic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in my country has continued to increase, and the potential for thrombosis and exterior diagnostic market has huge potential. The demand for coagulation analysis instruments has continued to rise, and the industry has developed rapidly. In terms of production, the production technology of coagulation analyzers is low, there are many companies in the market, and the market competition is relatively fierce. The domestic market has not yet formed a leading pattern, and the industry still has development potential.

The advantages of Proven Pun-20148A coagulation analyzer: real-time detection of dosage, automatic alarm system; with sample preheating and timing function and automatic detection addition agent signal function; suitable for solidification method, hair color substrate method, immune turbidity method method Testing items, etc. If you want to know more technical parameters, please call 400-6656-888.

What Is a Coagulation Analyzer? Introduction to the Application and Advantages of Coagulation Analyz 1

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