What Is a Cardiac Ultrasound Equipment? What Inspections Can It Be Used?

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What is a cardiac ultrasound equipment? The color Doppler ultrasound, that is, what we call the "ultrasonic heart movement", is to use modern electronic technology and ultrasound principles to display the received images on the screen through a probe placed on the heart. Size, myocardial thickness, valve shape, blood flow, and pericardial state, and then determine the image medical equipment of cardiac function.

Because the principle of cardiac ultrasound equipment is through ultrasonic, it does not have ionizing radiation and electromagnetic radiation, and it will not cause harm. What can the cardiac ultrasound equipment be used for? Cardiac ultrasound is basically a routine examination of cardiovascular disease. It is generally used to check:

1. Congenital heart disease

The heart door is broken, the walls are broken, such as common room septal defects, room septal defects, non -closed oval holes, narrow outflows, Followy four couplets, arterial ducts, etc. The color Doppler ultrasound is further coordinated with a clear diagnosis. Cardiac ultrasound equipment is the primary choice of screening for congenital heart disease. Early detection of early treatment of congenital heart disease to avoid worsening condition and heart failure. Early treatment of early treatment is generally good.

Second, change of heart structure

If you can see changes in the heart structure, size, valve, thickness, thickness, etc., and changes in blood flow caused by it, you can accurately measure changes in the heart atrium, heart chamber, valve, etc. Important examination methods for the size of each room cavity. Especially for valve disease, as well as changes in secondary heart structure, it is very important.

Third, heart function

Cardiac ultrasound equipment can intuitively see the heart contraction function, the analysis of the room wall movement, whether it is coordinated, etc., and can obtain the specific values of each combination output of the heart, that is, the ejection score, is very important for evaluating the left heart function. The evaluation of heart function is very important.

Including diastolic function and contraction function, it mainly depends on the left ventricular EF value (blood blood), indicating that the blood volume ratio of the left ventricle of the left ventricle per minute accounts for the left ventricular volume. The normal range is 50%-70%. It shows that the worse the heart function, the more prone to heart failure.

Fourth, pericardium and surroundings

The pericardial effusion, whether the pericardium is calcified, the aorta is ascended, the aorta is reduced, and the upper and lower cavity veins are commonly used to understand the heart adjacent to the tissue situation.

Five, coronary heart disease

Generally speaking, it is not directly diagnosed with coronary heart disease through color Doppler ultrasound, because the color Doppler ultrasound cannot see the blood vessels, it depends on the blood vessels need coronary CTA or coronary angiography. However, due to some changes in ischemic heart activity, some clues can be seen from the color ultrasound. Especially for patients with myocardial infarction, cardiac ultrasound equipment can see the abnormal ventricular movement of the corresponding infarction parts, while the old myocardial infarction can be manifested as the echo increase in the corresponding infarction parts and the decreased heart function. A certain value.

Cardiac ultrasound equipment is mainly used to evaluate cardiac structure, blood flow dynamic state, and heart contraction and diastolic function. If you want to know the specific parameters and prices of heart ultrasound equipment, please contact 400-6656-888.

What Is a Cardiac Ultrasound Equipment? What Inspections Can It Be Used? 1

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