What Is a Cardiac Ultrasound Equipment? Introduction to the Principle and Role of Cardiac Ultrasound

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What is a cardiac ultrasound equipment? Cardiac ultrasound equipment is also called Doppler ultrasound heart -mounted. It is a ultrasonic examination technology that is currently commonly used in the heart to check the heart. This medical equipment can intuitively and visually show the human heart size, form, and function, and monitor the diastolic and contraction function of the ventricular.

Principles of Cardiac ultrasound equipment:

Mainly using the principle of Doppler effects, through the Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument, detecting the blood flow direction in the cardiovascular system, the blood flow in the direction of the probe is displayed as red, and the blood flow from the direction of the probe is displayed as blue.

The main role of cardiac ultrasound equipment:

Determine whether the position of the heart is normal; it can prevent heart abnormalities caused by chest and lung diseases.

1. Can check the heart structure. For example, patients with high blood pressure diseases use heart color Doppler ultrasound examination, they can understand the heart structure.

2. It can evaluate changes in heart blood flow dynamics, and measure the flow rate and pressure difference of each petal mouth. At the same time, it can also determine whether the blood flow site and origin in the cardiovascular can be abnormal.

3. Can check whether the heart is suffering from pericardium disease, positioning and semi -quantitative evaluation of the cardiac inscriptions, guide the pericardium accumulation to puncture, and evaluate the efficacy of the drug. Determine narrowing pericarditis, pericardial filling and pericardial tumor.

4. Evaluate the recovery of the heart structure and the return of blood flow dynamics after heart surgery and intervention.

5. Can evaluate cardiac function, routinely apply two -dimensional (or) M -type M -type ultrasound to determine the heart contraction function. You can also use Doppler ultrasound to evaluate the contraction and diastolic function of the heart; pericardial tumor.

In general, the cardiac ultrasound equipment is currently a widely used cardiac inspection item. Some people may think that the effect of the heart color Doppler ultrasound has a greater impact on the heart. Radiation does not have an effect on the heart, so do not let yourself be rejected when you need it. If you want to know the parameters and prices of my company's cardiac ultrasound equipment, please consult 400-6656-888.

What Is a Cardiac Ultrasound Equipment? Introduction to the Principle and Role of Cardiac Ultrasound 1

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