What Is a Biochemical Analyzer, What Are the Projects That Biochemical Analyzers Can Detect?

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The biochemical analyzer is often called the biochemical instrument. It is an instrument that uses the principle of optoelectronics to measure a specific chemical component in the body fluid. Mainly used instruments for testing and analyzing the chemicals of life, and providing information basis for clinical diagnosis, treatment and prognosis and health of diseases. It is a very important equipment for the medical laboratory. It can quickly and accurately detect a variety of projects, including liver function, renal function, blood sugar, blood lipid analysis, and other biochemical projects that need to be carried out. Let me introduce it to you.

1. Examination of liver function: total bilirubin, direct bilirubin, total protein, albumin, alanine amin aminotransferase, Tianmen winter aminamidase, -glutamyl metastase, alkaline phosphatase, alkaline phosphate, Essence

2. Examination of renal function: urea, creatinine (CREA), ua.

3. Blood lipids: total cholesterol (TC), triglyceride (TG), low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), liposuoprotein (APOA1), liposuoprotein ( APOB).

4. Blood glucose: glucose (GLU), glycated hemoglobin (HBA1C) detection.

5. Three rheumatism: C reactive protein, anti -link bacteria oligthin O, rheumatoid factors.

Biochemical analyzers can be divided into two types: fully automatic and semi -automatic categories. The fully automated biochemical speed measurement, high automatic, semi -automated biochemical portable, suitable for going out diagnosis. The two types of equipment have their own characteristics and should be selected as needed. Due to the fast measurement speed, high accuracy, and small consumption dosage of biochemical analyzers, they have been widely used at all levels, epidemic prevention stations, and family planning service stations. It is one of the important equipment for medical examinations. A good biochemical analysis instrument is very important for hospital diagnosis and treatment.

What Is a Biochemical Analyzer, What Are the Projects That Biochemical Analyzers Can Detect? 1

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