What Instrument Does Pesticide Residue Test? What Should Be Paid Attention to in the Operation Proce

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With the improvement of modern living standards, the proportion of fruits and vegetables in people's daily diet is increasing. It can be said that three meals daily are inseparable. However, due to the rapid growth of the population, the rapid development of the industry, the contamination of the three industrial waste and the pollution of the living waste is getting worse. In particular, some vegetable farmers used a large amount of fertilizer pesticides in the past. Repeatedly banned, this has caused the phenomenon of universal nitrate and pesticide residues in vegetables, which have caused serious threats to human health and life safety. For our health,

At present, fruit and vegetables need to be tested by pesticide residues before they are sold. They can only be sold after the standard. So, what kind of instruments do pesticide residues test? The pesticide residue detection instrument has 12 detection channels, which can be multiple samples at the same time, circular detection, that is, to be checked. Each sample is controlled by the program independently and will not interfere with each other. Available computer control instruments to achieve data query, browsing, analysis, statistics, printing, etc. So what should I pay attention to when operating pesticide residue detector equipment? The editor of the Progen Medical Equipment will be introduced in detail.

1. When using, you should ensure whether the power of the lithium battery is full. When installing a lithium battery, the user should pay attention to the polarity of the battery plug.

2. If the indication indicator is not bright, it means that the current battery power is too low. In order to ensure that the instrument is in the power, the user should charge it in time, otherwise the instrument will automatically shut down.

3. In order to extend the service life of the instrument, if the instrument is idle for a long time, the charging lithium battery should be removed and placed in a dry place to keep it properly; or replenish charging in time.

4. The environment of the instrument should be kept dry, dusty, and no vibration.

5. The internal channel of the instrument should be kept clean without dust. If there are dirt, it should be wiped.

6. If you do not need to be shut down, after the instrument is turned off, if the power adapter is powered, the power indicator is bright. If flashing, it means that the lithium battery is charging.

7. Before use, you must read the instrument instructions carefully and operate according to the operation steps on the instructions.

As a pesticide residue detector equipment generation manufacturer, Progen Medical currently sells this equipment, its shape is novel, at the same time, convenient operation, high detection accuracy, and enjoying thoughtful after -sales service to solve your worries, more about this one about this, more about this one about this. More about this one, more about this. For details of the product, please call the consultation hotline: 400-6656-888.

What Instrument Does Pesticide Residue Test? What Should Be Paid Attention to in the Operation Proce 1

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