What Equipment Does the Liver Merit and Kidney Skills in Conventional Examination Be Tested?

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In life, you can't avoid going to the hospital for sickness, physical examination and other reasons. Usually, after the number is registered, the doctor will also issue a list for us to do the corresponding conventional examination, such as common liver function, renal function, blood lipids, and blood sugar. So, do you know what equipment these testing items were used to detect?

Biochemical analyzer is also known as a biochemical meter. It is an instrument that uses an analysis method of photoelectricity and biochemistry to measure a specific chemical component in the body fluid. Such as glucose, albumin, total protein, total protein, cholesterol, transaminase, etc., it is of great significance in terms of auxiliary diagnosis, efficacy testing, health examination, drug abuse, etc. In addition to the measurement of general biochemical projects, hormone, immunoglobulin, hemorrhage can also be performed The determination of some special compounds such as concentration.

Biochemical analysis is one of the important means of modern medical clinical diagnosis and disease prevention. Its clinical application scope is getting wider and wider, and it is one of the rapid development of the medical device industry today. Biochemical analyzers can be divided into small, medium and large. Small biochemicals are generally single channels, and only a special biochemical analyzer of a specific project can be determined (such as the above -mentioned blood glucose measurement instrument). Most of the medium -sized automatic analyzers are multi -channel, and there are single channels.

There are dozens of determination projects for small single channels due to conversion programs. 2 to 10 projects can be determined at the same time. Large automated biochemical analyzers are often multi -channel biochemical analyzers with more than 10 projects at the same time, and analysis projects can be freely selected and combined, and some special biochemical projects can be performed.

At present, the more automatic biochemical analyzers in use, the entire process from the addition to the output result is completely completed by the instrument. The operator only needs to place the sample in the specific position of the analyzer, and choose the program to use the instrument to wait for the inspection report. The fully automatic biochemical instrument is more than the semi -automatic reagent bit and the sample bit, and the detection speed is fast. There is no artificial injection reagent. The errors caused by different artificial reagent techniques have been excluded, and the accuracy is better.

With the advancement of technology, the technology of the biochemical analyzer develops in a well -performed direction in various functions, and the accuracy of testing projects has also increased and the accuracy of analysis has become higher and higher. By combining the results of blood and other body fluid biochemical analysis, other clinical clinical analysis results are combined with other clinical clinical results. Comprehensive analysis of the data, provide a basis for the diagnosis of the disease and make appropriate evaluation of the organ function. At the same time, it can also be identified and concurrent to better meet the requirements of different levels.

What Equipment Does the Liver Merit and Kidney Skills in Conventional Examination Be Tested? 1

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