What Does the Single Wavelength and Dual Wavelength of the Fully Automatic Biochemical Instrument Me

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The fully automatic biochemical instrument belongs to optical analysis instruments. It is based on the selective absorption of material to light, that is, the spectrophotia. The monochrome device divides the compound color emitted by the light source into monochrome light. The monochrome of a specific wavelength is a color -specific pond with a sample solution. The photoelectric converter converts the transmission light to the electrical signal and sent it to the signal processing system for analysis. In the instructions of the fully automatic biochemical instrument, we find that there are two concepts, namely a single wavelength and dual wave length. What does this mean?

The wavelength of the fully automatic biochemical instrument refers to the wavelength of light used during the CE trial. According to the Langbeier Law, it can be obtained by the concentration of a certain substance under the fixed wavelength. The inhalation of the substance can be calculated at a wavelength, which is the basic principle of the fully automatic biochemical instrument.

The fully automatic biochemical instrument uses a wavelength to detect the light absorption intensity of substances to become a single wavelength method. When the reaction solution contains a set of points, or in the mixed reaction liquid to test the peak inhalation and other coexistence substances in the mixed reaction solution, the suction length of other coexistence substances has no suction length. When overlap, you can choose.

The two -wavelength method with a main wavelength and a sub -wavelength is the two -wavelength method. For some analysis items that respond fast and cannot be set to two -point end point method, especially in single -test analysis, you can use a dual -wavelength method to partially eliminate the light absorption interference of the sample itself. This is the advantage of the principle of dual -wavelength detection. At present, many automatic biochemical instruments adopt this detection principle.

The advantages of dual -wave length detection are:

1. Eliminate noise interference.

2. Reduce the impact of bruises.

3. Reduce the interference of the light absorption of the sample itself: When there are non -chemical reactions such as glycerol trigly, hemoglobin, bilirubin, etc. in the sample, non -specific light absorption will be produced. Absorbing interference.

In summary, the reasonable use of dual -wavelength detection technology can save the setting of reagent blank or sample blank settings to reduce or avoid multiple possible interference, thereby improving the detection sensitivity, specificity and instrument analysis efficiency of the fully automatic biochemical instrument.

What Does the Single Wavelength and Dual Wavelength of the Fully Automatic Biochemical Instrument Me 1

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