What Does Multi -functional Enzyme Label Mean? Where Can It Be Applied?

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What does multi -functional enzyme label mean? Multifunctional enzyme standard, an enzyme -linked immune detector, is a dedicated medical device for enzyme -linked immune adsorbing test, also known as microphone board detector. Its working principle is to use the enzyme -linked immune analysis method to qualitatively or quantitative analysis of samples. It is widely used in biomedical, drug research and development, agriculture, and microbiology. It is an indispensable instrument category for the laboratory of life sciences.

So, where can it be applied by multi -functional enzyme standard? The application of multi -functional enzyme standards is very wide, such as clinical examination, biology research, agricultural science, food and environmental science. Let's take a look.

1. Application of mammalian cell research

Multifunctional enzyme labels are mainly used in: conventional molecular detection, such as nucleic acid, protein concentration, and enzyme activity analysis; signal transition research, such as some cell signal events such as ROS, modified detection; analysis of overall cell levels, such as cells, such as cells' cells Vitality, apoptosis and lethal.

2. Application of plant fields

Some basic molecular detection, such as DNA based on ultraviolet absorption or fluorescence, RNA and protein quantitative and purity analysis.

3. Application of agricultural residue and food safety testing

Multifunctional enzyme standards can be used for rapid detection of residual poison of amino -aminicate vinegar pesticides such as organic phosphoric phosphorus and cobraye. In food safety, melamine, hormone and metabolic products can be detected, antibiotic testing, and so on.

4. Application of animal disease

Detecting IgG antibodies, O -type hoof -type vaccination virus antibodies; pork blue -ear virus antibodies, pseudo -rabies virus antibodies, swine fever antibodies, small virus antibodies, horses infected anemia ELISA KIT detection antibodies, beef virus diarrhea Elisa Kit detection Antibodies, etc.

5. Application of poultry disease detection

The bird flu H5N1 antibody ELISA diagnostic kit is used to detect the bird flu virus antibody in chicken serum. Evaluate the immune status of chicken yard bird flu vaccine.

The advantage of the multi -functional enzyme standard is that the target samples can be detected by fast, high precision, and strong specificity. The measurement method is reliable, the measurement results are accurate, the operation method is simple, the detection cost is low, and it is suitable for the development of the grass -roots laboratory.

What Does Multi -functional Enzyme Label Mean? Where Can It Be Applied? 1

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