What Do You Need to Pay Attention to During the Use of Non -invasive Ventilator?

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Due to too much work pressure, overeating, and irregular life and rest, lack of physical exercise, under the influence of various factors, the prevalence of slow obstruction of pulmonary and chronic respiratory diseases has increased year by year. expand. Non -invasive ventilator is convenient and easy to use. Patients can be treated with non -invasive ventilation at home, which will help improve the quality of life and improve the prognosis of the disease. Then, when using non -invasive ventilator, there are many precautions. What should we do and become a matter of concern for many patients.

Before understanding the correct method of using non -invasive ventilator, we must first understand what the working principle of non -invasive ventilator is. Establish a pressure difference with mechanical devices to produce lung vitality and have the effects of replacement, control or assisting the human body's breathing exercise. The non -invasive ventilator can open the airway or reduce the effort of the ventilator to achieve the purpose of improving breathing difficulties. It is an important means for medical ventilator sequential treatment.

In the process of using non -invasive ventilator, the precautions needed during use?

1. When using, please place the ventilator on a solid plane, and keep its position below the sleeping position to prevent the water from pouring the water and cause discomfort.

2. Make sure that the filter cotton area on the back of the ventilator is not blocked by curtains, bedding or other objects. The air around the ventilator can flow freely to ensure the normal operation of the ventilator.

3. The ventilator is far from all heating or cooling equipment, such as forced ventilation, radiator, air conditioning, etc.

4. Do not place any liquid container with liquids around the ventilator to avoid the ventilator.

5. The condensation phenomenon may damage the device. If a ventilator is exposed in a very high or low temperature environment, please adjust the room temperature before starting for treatment.

6. There will be many problems during the use of non -invasive ventilator. Once consciously discomfort during use, especially when there are obvious shortness of breath, chest tightness, red complexion, and sweating, you should seek medical treatment in time.

Understand non -invasive ventilator, eliminate tension, panic and resistance, and help patients improve the compliance and confidence of treatment. As a manufacturer of non-invasive ventilator, Prun Medical Equipment, if you are interested in our non-invasive ventilator products, welcome to call consultation hotline: 400-6656-888.

What Do You Need to Pay Attention to During the Use of Non -invasive Ventilator? 1

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