What Do the Daily Cleaning and Maintenance of Doppler Ultrasound Machine Do?

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Doppler ultrasound machine is a two -dimensional plane map obtained through sound waves in medical imaging. At present, the main examination range of B -ultrasound is suitable for organs that do not contain gas in the abdominal cavity, such as liver, gallbladder, spleen, urinary system, uterus, attachment, and fetus.

After the purchase of Doppler color Doppler ultrasound machine is indispensable for daily cleaning and maintenance. The cleaning of instrument and equipment is a very important task that can ensure the safety of users and operators and extend the service life of the equipment. However, there are many problems. Maintenance personnel are not enough to understand or pay attention. Here we have once again popularized the cleaning and maintenance of Doppler ultrasound.

1. Display and touch screens: It is recommended to perform daily maintenance. After use, use soft gauze or professional cleaning set to clean. Do not use chemical liquid agents to avoid damage to the shell and cause damage to the silicone bond.

2. Control panel (including keyboards and functional keys): After each use is used, use a soft gauze dipping dipping water to wipe and wipe.

3. Ultrasonic probe: After each use is used, use soft gauze dipped in water to gently wipe it, and it is forbidden to wipe the use of alcohol products.

4. Track ball component: Monthly cleans up the weekly disinfection class, spin the trajectory ball pressure ring in counterclockwise, gently take out the sphere, use a soft rag to clean up the roller and the sphere, and the clockwise rotation rot after cleaning.

5, dustproof net: every quarter Weekly disinfection class is cleaned, takes out the dust net, and uses cleaning brush to clean.

6. Strictly follow the equipment maintenance system for equipment maintenance system.

Strengthening regular cleaning maintenance and strict observance of operators are an important means to reduce the life of the machine and extend the life of the machine. Generally, it is cleaned once in six months. The second continuous use of L0min was stopped once and 15min, and there must be a good voltage voltage power supply and reliable grounding. These are what we must strictly observe, so that the life of Doppler color Doppler ultrasound machine can be extended, reducing the failure of failure to stop the machine. Time to improve economic benefits.

What Do the Daily Cleaning and Maintenance of Doppler Ultrasound Machine Do? 1

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