What Diseases and Benefits of Cardiac Doppler Ultrasound Machine Can Check?

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The heart Doppler ultrasound is a clinical diagnosis of heart disease, especially the very effective method of examination of congenital heart disease. Since the 1980s, ultrasonic diagnosis technology has begun to develop at an alarming rate. Like magnetic resonance, CT and isotope scanning, the importance of Doppler ultrasound is continuously improved. So, what diseases do the heart Doppler ultrasound machine can check?

The heart of the heart Doppler ultrasound can determine the degree of myocardial hypertrophy and the expansion of the cardiac cavity; for patients with coronary heart disease, the heart Doppler ultra -sounding can intuitively display the parts of myocardial ischemia, helping clinicians formulate appropriate formulation according to the specific conditions of the patient treatment plan. The main diseases of the diagnosis of heart Doppler ultrasound include aortic lesions (such as aortic stenosis and other lesions), heart valve disease (such as two -pointed lesions, stenosis, etc.), and ventricular diseases.

The heart of the heart of the heart can not only show the distribution of local abnormal blood flow, but also reflect the path and direction of the heart blood flow to a certain extent. It can determine whether the nature of the heart blood flow is layer, turbulence, or vortex, and it can also measure the contour, area, length, and specific width of the blood beam. The heart Doppler ultrasound shows the blood flow information through the two -dimensional cutting map, which can directly reflect the relationship between the abnormal heart structure and the abnormal heart blood flow dynamic dynamics.

What are the benefits of using the heart Doppler ultrasound machine?

Heart Doppler ultrasound is a very important test, especially for patients with organic heart disease. Through the heart Doppler ultrasound, you can detect whether the heart of the subject has structural abnormalities, whether the heart valve has horsesy or other problems. It also has very reliable reference significance for evaluating the heart function of patients, testing pericardium disease, and detection of valve.

This kind of inspection technology not only has the advantages of painlessness, duplicate, harmless, and simple. The test results are clearer and accurate than other imaging inspections. After several years of promotion, the cardiac Doppler ultrasound machine has become modern clinical medicine. The indispensable diagnostic tool.

In fact, in addition to the inspection of cardiac diseases, Doppler color Doppler ultrasound machines are also widely checked in gynecological and pregnant women's fetuses. Because their examination process is relatively safe, at the same time, there is no pain, safe and reliable. At present, there are many different models of our company. The model Doppler color Doppler ultrasound is on sale. If you are interested in our products and want to understand the product information and information in detail, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

What Diseases and Benefits of Cardiac Doppler Ultrasound Machine Can Check? 1

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