What Can Be Used for Portable Doppler Color Doppler Ultrasound? What Is the Technical Advantage?

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Portable Doppler color Doppler ultrasound is a modern color Doppler ultrasound equipment passed from abroad to my country. Due to its relatively flexible use, it can be used in clinical examinations of some inaccessible patients who cannot move, especially the patients with complicated and rapid progress in patients with ICU patients. You need to monitor the functional status of each organs at any time. The portable Doppler color Doppler ultrasound directly goes to the patient, which greatly shortens the patient's consultation time and the risk of damage caused by moving. Winning precious rescue time.

The clinical application of portable Doppler color ultrasound is more common. Generally, it is very helpful to check the development of the abdominal organs and the development of the fetus. It has a relatively obvious diagnostic accuracy advantage than ordinary black and white. The color Doppler ultrasound can make a better judgment by observing the size of the vascular seminal, the speed of blood flow, the direction and the establishment of the side branch cycle.

In short, portable Doppler color Doppler ultrasound is a portable ultrasonic diagnostic system that can be used for the hospital that can be suitable for various complex scenarios and application areas.

G31 portable Doppler color Doppler ultrasound adopts intelligent image processing technical advantages:

1. EPure spots noise suppression technology

With ultrasonic image optimization technology and adaptive image micro -environment enhancement technology;

Inhibit noise, increase image signal -to -noise ratio, and make the image more delicate.

2. THI organization harmonic imaging technology

Use multi -frequency signals for real -time average processing, enhance deep organization signals, and increase signal -to -noise ratio;

Can enhance myocardial and endometrial display, minimize Xi'an and Xi'an, and enhance blood flow signals in the liver.

3. TSI tissue specific imaging

Organizational specific imaging is a technology that adapts to different transition media species.

G31 Portable Doppler color Doppler ultrasound is used in cardiovascular, digestive system, urinary system, obstetrics and gynecology, superficial organs, muscle and osteo joint systems and pediatrics, which are used to observe muscle and internal organs -including their size, structure and pathological lesions The visualization provides a scientific basis for diagnosis and treatment.

What Can Be Used for Portable Doppler Color Doppler Ultrasound? What Is the Technical Advantage? 1

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