What Areas Can Pesticide Residue Detectors Be Used in, and Why Should They Detect Pesticide Residues

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A large amount of pesticides are sprayed into the environment every year in my country's agricultural field. Pesticide residue detector plays an important role in vegetable planting management and safety testing. When buying vegetables in daily life, many consumers are talking about pesticide discoloration, because once there are too many pesticide residues in vegetables, long -term consumption will endanger human health.

Therefore, from the perspective of social stability or from the perspective of agricultural development, pesticide residues need to be quickly tested to ensure the healthy and safety of vegetables and agricultural products. Pesticide residue detector is a safety testing equipment for agricultural products such as vegetables.

The pesticide residue detector is based on the principle of enzymatic reaction dynamic. The samples of the measured samples such as organic phosphorus or amino methyl acid pesticides will inhibit the activity of choline enzymes and affect the response speed of the color rendering system. The system inhalation of the system is measured over time to measure the amount of pesticide residue (inhibitory rate) in the sample.

Pesticide residue detectors are simple, small, and integrated various testing methods. The indicators of inspection mainly include the general component analysis of food, trace element analysis, pesticide residue analysis, veterinary drug residue analysis, mold toxin analysis, food additive analysis, and other harmful substances Analysis, nutrient content in soil fertilizers, and formula fertilization.

It is mainly used for fast testing of organic phosphorus and amino -based pesticide residues in foods such as vegetables, fruits, tea, food, agricultural and sideline products; Schools, cafeterias, family fruits and vegetables before processing, etc.

Pesticide residues are directly or indirectly harmful to people's health and safety, and pesticide residue detectors can reasonably and quickly detect difficult problems in pesticide residues in food. The detection speed is fast. At this stage, this instrument and equipment have been widely used in food fast food fast food fast food fast food fast food is fast food fast food fast food fast food is fast food. During the test, the agricultural product sales market that exceeds food standards can be detected immediately to maintain the security discipline of the food sales market. It not only protects the customer's rights and interests, but also guarantees everyone's safety and health.

What Areas Can Pesticide Residue Detectors Be Used in, and Why Should They Detect Pesticide Residues 1

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