What Are the Ventilation Methods and How to Choose From Home Ventilator?

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The term of home ventilator is becoming more and more well -known, not only more and more people use it. For some people with chronic diseases, it can relieve symptoms of dyspnea. Moreover, the household ventilator can keep the pressure on the airway that keeps the airway from the patient's airway, thereby maintaining the airway smoothly and maintaining normal breathing. Generally speaking, patients with sleep and respiratory suspension syndrome and patients with severe emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary or secondary biomedication, and high carbon dioxide can buy household ventilator. So, do you know more about home ventilator related knowledge? Let s take a look at the editor below.

1. What are the ventilation modes of home ventilator?

1. Intermittently pressed breathing. Basic ventilation. During the inhalation, the gas was pressed into the lungs, and the body's own pressure exhaled the gas.

2. exhalation platform. It is also called the inhalation at the end of the inhalation. At the end of the inhalation, before exhalation, the exhalation valve continues to close it for a period of time, and then open the exhalation. This period does not exceed 5%of the breathing cycle.

3. Positive pressure ventilation at the end of exhalation. Under the premise of intermittent positive pressure ventilation, it keeps stress in the exhalation of the exhalers, and it will play an important role in treating respiratory distress syndrome, non -heart -based pulmonary edema, and lung bleeding.

4. Intermittent instruction ventilation, synchronous intermittent instruction ventilation: belong to the auxiliary ventilation method, there is a continuous airflow in the ventilator pipeline. After a few autonomous breathing, give a positive pressure ventilation to ensure the amount of ventilation per minute. /Minute.

What is the difference between home ventilator and medical ventilator?

Medical ventilator is mainly used in hospitals, with complex functions and suitable for various diseases. There are two types of household ventilator: one is to use the simplified version of the medical ventilator on the family. The other is the non -invasive ventilator. The choice of the two ventilator should be based on the condition. The original use of non -invasive ventilator is to treat sleep apnea.

With the improvement of people's living standards, health is more and more valued, many families have purchased home ventilators to improve snoring and sleep apnea. Therefore, the market competition pressure of home ventilator is increasing, and it is important to choose a suitable product. Not only should we pay attention to the brand and performance characteristics, but also the after-sales service. If you are interested, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

What Are the Ventilation Methods and How to Choose From Home Ventilator? 1

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