What Are the Types of Homeless Ventilator and How to Choose?

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In addition to a fuselage, we need to connect pipes and masks in addition to a fuselage. What we have to mention here is the choice of masks. The mask is the medium between the ventilator and the patient. The right mask will cause a large amount of air leakage at the same time that will also cause frequent awakening of patients, so how should we choose a mask?

There are many types of masks of homeless ventilator. Generally, there are nasal masks, nasal pillows, nose masks, full face masks, etc. The following introduces the more commonly used nose masks and nose masks.

The nose mask is covered with the nose and mouth, from the lower lip to the bridge of the nose to form a closed space for breathing and nose breathing. Using the triangle support of the previous forehead and cheeks as the weight of the nose mask can better ensure the fixedness of wearing. Although the area of the face is larger, because it is covered with the mouth and nose at the same time, it can ensure the strength of the airway in the airway. It is suitable for people who are easy to open their mouths when sleeping, or the nose structure or inflammation (allergies, flow nose) problems. The phenomenon of obstruction of the air intake is also suitable for a few people who have suffocated psychological fear in a small number of people who cover their noses alone.

The appearance of the nasal mask is generally cone -shaped, mainly covering the nose. This mask makes the gas pressure more in line with natural respiration. The pipeline connected by the homeless ventilator is sent to the pressure air into the nasal mask, and the air is pushed into the airway with the autonomous breathing rhythm. For people who are sleeping, sideways, and turning over, they are all applicable and have sufficient air pressure. However, it should be noted that if the user has the symptoms of rhinitis such as nasal congestion, nasal allergies, flow nose water, etc., when the nasal air tract inflammation is blocked, you still need to use the nasal mask. To relieve symptoms to ensure that you can air naturally from the nose, otherwise you can only consider using the nose mask.

When choosing a mask, you must choose the right mask according to your face and situation. The fixed mask should be inserted into the head to wear 1-2 fingers. Good fixing should not be able to go up, not left or right, not tight or loose.

What Are the Types of Homeless Ventilator and How to Choose? 1

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