What Are the Types of Color Doppler Ultrasound and Which Diseases Can Be Used For?

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With the development and popularization of color Doppler ultrasound machine technology, when we check or conduct inspections of abdominal, viscera, obstetrics, etc., doctors often ask us to do color Doppler ultrasound. Through color Doppler ultrasound machines Judging our condition is widely used, and has become an important method for the diagnosis and evaluation efficacy of multiple disciplines and diseases. So, what diseases can be used for color Doppler ultrasound?

1. Cardiac ultrasound (adapting to the crowd: hypertension, insufficient myocardial blood supply, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, cardiac valve disease, etc.)

2. Vascular ultrasound (adapting to the crowd: superficial blood vessel plaques on the neck, upper limbs, lower limbs)

3. Gynecological shadow ultrasound (adapting to the crowd: uterine fibroids, uterine polyps, ovarian cysts, etc., can also be performed by follicles.

4. Overcurrent color Doppler ultrasound (adaptation group: more accurate calculation due date for fetal automation measurement during the expected period)

5. Belly color Doppler ultrasound (adapting to the crowd: health examination crowd, suspected or diagnosed with patients with liver, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, ureter, bladder, prostate, appendix and other diseases)

6. Small organs color Doppler ultrasound (adapting to crowd: bilateral breasts, thyroid, bone joints, etc. are clearer, accurate, and efficient)

So, what are the problems when doing color Doppler ultrasound?

1. The night before, it is easy to digest food and check the onhability forbidden water on the morning of the day.

2. Before the spleen B -ultrasound, liver and kidney B -ultrasound: generally no special preparation.

3. When the patient should be performed by the gastrointestinal and gastrointestinal X -ray, the ultrasound is checked before the X -ray film creation, or the above angiography should be performed after 3 days of angiography.

4. If the differential lesions are used in the pelvic cavity, keep the bladder filling before examination.

5. In patients with abdominal organs, patients who encounter too much abdominal gas or have constipation, doctors may instruct the patient to take late -time laxative or before the enema, and the patient should cooperate carefully.

6. If the uterus of the pelvic cavity and its accessories, bladder, prostate and other organs should be kept before the examination, the bladder urine should be kept. You can drink about 1,000 ml of water 2 hours before checking. Do not urinate 2-4 hours before the examination.

Color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic methods such as pulse Dorodu, continuous Doppler, colorful Dorphic blood flow imaging method are usually available. With the advancement of the medical industry, the use of color Doppler ultrasound machines has become more and more popular. It is gradually known to the public, suitable for private hospitals, chain clinics, outpatient clinics, private community service stations, township health centers, etc.

What Are the Types of Color Doppler Ultrasound and Which Diseases Can Be Used For? 1

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