What Are the Types of Biochemical Analyzers? Method of Operation

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Biochemical analyzers, as one of the commonly used equipment in clinical diagnosis, have a higher frequency of use. Therefore, the market share has continued to rise. But there are many types of biochemical analyzers. How to choose? In fact, whether the chemical reaction of the sample and the reagent is a solid -phase chemical reaction, biochemical analysis can be divided into wet chemical and dry chemical biochemical analysis. How to choose these two types?

1. Wet biochemical analyzer

This wet biochemical analyzer is suitable for grade hospitals and laboratories with large specimens. Every time you use it, you need to check the reagents. When the dosage is insufficient, you need to add it in time. Moreover, the reagent itself is also valid, and it is necessary to replace it in time in time. It is mainly applicable to laboratories with a large number of specimens.

2. dry biochemical analyzer

The dry biochemical analyzer does not need to be prepared when used, but uses a dry reagent that the manufacturer has configured, which looks simpler and fast in use. You only need to add liquid samples to the dry reagent, and the sample can penetrate the layer of film. After color reaction, the corresponding color can be displayed, so that the concentration of the component to be tested in the sample can be calculated. Its use scenario is flexible and suitable for hospitals at all levels and clinical departments, grassroots health institutions, emergency emergency first aid, outpatient consultation, and laboratories with small samples.

In order to solve the more increasing pressure and patient needs of the hospital, the clinical laboratory's demand for smaller, faster, faster, and more automated and more automated and more automated and immune detection systems has become more urgent. It aims to improve the efficiency of laboratory output and comprehensively optimize it comprehensively Medical performance brings more reliable diagnosis basis for patients. The demand for biochemical analyzers is also more and more. If a suitable biochemical analyzer product is selected, it is more concerned about buyers and hospitals. In fact, when purchasing biochemical analyzers, in addition to paying attention to the performance characteristics, brands and prices of the product itself, it should also pay attention to its after -sales service. Good after -sales service can help them solve many problems.

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What Are the Types of Biochemical Analyzers? Method of Operation 1

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