What Are the Specific Detection Items of Pesticide Residue Detector, Can It Detect Antibiotics?

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Pesticide residue detector plays an important role in vegetable planting management and safety testing. When buying vegetables in daily life, many consumers are talking about pesticide discoloration, because once there are too many pesticide residues in vegetables, long -term consumption will endanger human health. Therefore, from the perspective of social stability or from the perspective of agricultural development, pesticide residues need to be quickly tested to ensure the healthy and safety of vegetables and agricultural products.

Pesticide residue detector is a safety testing equipment for agricultural products such as vegetables. Its application in agricultural residue rapid testing technology has given full play to the rapid detection function of the instrument, expanded the detection range of pesticide residues, shortened the detection cycle, reduced the detection cost, and provided more efficient and accurate agricultural products for the trial production of agricultural products. Residual testing service.

The pesticide residue detector is mainly aimed at whether agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits contain pesticide residues, whether pork, chicken, ducks, and fish foods such as veterinary drugs contain veterinary drug residues. The specific test items include:

Among all kinds of vegetables and fruits: organic phosphorus and amino -based pesticides.

Diagnosis of diseased meat: histamine, volatile salt nitrogen, sour price of meat products, and hydramine products in water hair products.

Lean Essence (hormone veterinary drugs): clonetro, glycamol, lackebamine, hexylophenol, glycol, ethanol, etc.

Antibiotics (drug residue veterinary drugs): tetracycline, nitrotibus, sulfa, hud, chimotolitone, rinomycin, amoxylin, erythromycin, etc.

Aquatic products: Green, chloromycin, bephyrocytopenia, bephylin metabolism, bephoic keto metabolism, and amurazone metabolism, etc.

As the food safety incidents continue to occur, when people mention vegetables, they will think of pesticide residues. Therefore, we should establish a healthy and safe market environment for agricultural products, which is conducive to the long -term development of agriculture and the health of consumers. On the one hand, it can help agricultural production bases and agricultural product processing enterprises to strengthen self -inspection and standardize production; on the other hand, it can help quality supervision, business management, health and epidemic prevention. Relevant departments such as shopping malls can better carry out the detection of pesticide residues in vegetables, so as to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products from multiple aspects, multi -way, and multi -channel channels.

What Are the Specific Detection Items of Pesticide Residue Detector, Can It Detect Antibiotics? 1

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