What Are the Reasons for the Upper Limit of the Ventilator's Airway?

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The ventilator can have anesthesia breathing management, breathing support and rescue recovery during surgery. As an important rescue equipment, the operation of the ventilator is an important skill in clinical medical care. During use, medical staff will inevitably encounter various problems. What are the reasons when the ventilator emits alarm? What should I do? The causes of common ventilator alarms include air volume, pressure, power, oxygen concentration, and asphyxia alarm. Let me introduce it to you.

1. Trigger pressure indicator flashes

Cause: Patients trigger autonomous breathing.

Maintenance method: Reset the amount of ventilation per minute.

Second, airway pressure upper limit alarm alarm

Causes: airway obstruction; mucus gathered in the airway; bronchial spasm or bronchitis; tracheal prefecture or intubation sliding out of the trachea or distorting, causing the airway mouth to obstruct, the bundle extends out of the channel tube or intubation mouth, it has been solid or fixed or solid or the intubation port. Coisturizing mucus blocked the airway; the elasticity of the air tube was reduced; the patient's muscles were tight and cough;

Third, the lower limit of the amount of breath per minute, the alarm

Causes: omissions between the trachea wall and the tube or intubation; the temporary increase of the lung capacity causes the breathing volume per minute to become lower; the ventilation is obstructed, causes pressure limit protection, and the breath is interrupted; Low.

Fourth, the upper limit of the amount of breath per minute alarm

Cause: Patients with autonomous breathing frequency faster than preset breathing frequency, commonly in insufficient ventilation, hypoxia, patient irritability, can increase ventilation, increase oxygen concentration, and give sedative drugs; Improper water or blocking) and improper parameter settings.

Five, suffocation alarm

Cause: Patients are too weak in breathing autonomous, patients with breathing, airway leakage.

When the reasons caused by the alarm were not clearly found, the ventilator was cut first, and the simple respiratory device was used to connect the high concentration oxygen for artificial breathing, and then found and lifted the cause of the alarm or maintained the ventilator.

What Are the Reasons for the Upper Limit of the Ventilator's Airway? 1

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