What Are the Precautions for the First Use of Non -invasive Ventilator

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It is understood that some patients with chronic respiratory failure or patients with sleep diseases must be applied to non -invasive ventilator, but some precautions for household ventilator are issues that many patients and family members are more concerned. Next Several precautions of home ventilator.

After buying non -creative ventilator for the first time, you need to pay attention to the following items:

1. First of all, understand the composition and accessories of non -invasive ventilator

Including: ventilator host and its power supply, wet tank, oxygen tube, ventilator pipeline, and mask. Then assemble the home ventilator. In this process, you need to check the structure of the wet tank to know how to humidify the water;

2. Selection of masks

In order to ensure the effect of non -invasive ventilation, if the patient uses a nose mask or nasal mask in the hospital, you need to tell the medical device manufacturer when buying a ventilator to choose a nose mask or nasal mask. In this way, patients are easy to wear and are convenient to choose. After selecting a mask, the patient first puts on the mask to adapt, whether it is appropriate, tolerance.

3. View instructions

Understand the unlocking method of entering the ventilator operation interface. Most unsecured ventilators are long pressing the return key (small buttons on the right) and starting key (big buttons in the middle) at the same time.

4. Put the ventilator, mode, parameter

The parameters of the non -invasive ventilator mode are consistent with the medical non -invasive ventilator (set it under the guidance of a doctor or respiratory therapist). It should be noted that the pressure of most household ventilator "boost delay function" is about 30-60 minutes by default. The meaning of breathing opportunities gradually increased the pressure from the pressure of 4 cm water columns, and reached the set target pressure after about 30-60 minutes. This function can improve the comfort and success rate of patients' wearing non -invasive ventilator, but according to each patient, each patient should be according to each patient The actual situation is set; the other is that "inhalation time" is a great parameter, and its default inhalation time is 2 seconds. It is recommended to set up 1-1.2 seconds here.

The advantage is that when a large amount of air leakage occurs, because the inhalation time is set for 1-1.2 seconds, the ventilator will not continue to refer to patients for a long time and high flow because the patient does not perceive the patient's exhalation, causing patient discomfort. In actual use, many patients complained that the ventilator was blowing, and the wind was very strong. Often, the mouth opened when he was sleeping. Extended.

5. Add wet water

Pay attention to the amount of wetting water to the lower edge of the large water level line. It should not exceed the large water level line to prevent inverted irrigation and damage the ventilator.

Different non -invasive ventilators may be different. Specifically shall be used under the guidance of the instructions and doctors. The general use step is to disinfect and clean the mask before use, check the denseness of the mask, then clean up the patient's mouth, nose and foreign objects, unbutton the buckle, and then connect the mask or nasal mask to the ventilator. According to the patient's condition, set the corresponding mode. Then Wear the mask for the patient to fully open the airway, and then perform oxygen.

What Are the Precautions for the First Use of Non -invasive Ventilator 1

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