What Are the Places to Pay Attention to When Using Color Doppler Ultrasound Machines?

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Color Doppler ultrasound is one of the important image equipment in the hospital. Color ultrasound machines are usually composed of probes, ultrasonic launch/receiving circuits, signal processing and image display. Using ultrasonic Doppler technology and ultrasonic echo, at the same time, blood flow movement, tissue movement information, and human organ and organization imaging. The frequency of use is very high, so you must pay attention to the daily life to prevent the equipment from failing. Here are some precautions for daily use of color ultrasound.

1. The operator must hold a certificate to the job, be familiar with the performance and use of color Doppler ultrasound, and the normal values of the use of medical parameters of various medical parameters.

2. Before booting, check the surface of the probe, probe cable, etc. Before use. If damage is found, please stop using it, so as not to cause damage to the patient or operator.

3. After booting, adjust the equipment conditions according to the patient's situation until the ZUI is good until you get a satisfactory picture.

4. During use, try to avoid the residual coupling agent on the control panel and display and touch screens to avoid affecting its function.

5. After each patient is checked, use a soft wet cloth or soft paper to clean the surface to keep the probe clean. After the operation and the examination, carefully place the probe, avoid excessive bending probe cables or mop it to avoid mopping the floor to avoid Damage probe.

6. It is forbidden to enter the liquid. The structure of the probe is non -water. In the process of using, once there is a liquid immersion, it will cause a short circuit of the internal line of the probe, making the system unable to work properly.

In short, color Doppler ultrasound machines are widely used in the clinical departments of major and medium -sized hospitals. It is one of the important equipment for monitoring bed diagnosis. Only by using maintenance correctly can we better be used by us.

What Are the Places to Pay Attention to When Using Color Doppler Ultrasound Machines? 1

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