What Are the Misunderstandings of Non -invasive Ventilator? Take a Look

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In winter, many patients with chronic lungs will encounter difficulty breathing and need to rely on drugs to solve. But now the non -invasive ventilator can play a certain auxiliary role, helping people with chronic lungs to improve the symptoms of breathing difficulties, but when can I use non -invasive ventilator? What misunderstandings are there when the non -invasive ventilator is used? Let's take a look at these issues.

Misunderstanding 1. Do not pay attention to the relationship between before boarding and meals. Before using the non -invasive ventilator, you should avoid a full diet. If there are no special cases, it is recommended to use non -invasive ventilator after eating at least 30 to 1 hour, and raise the bedside to avoid dislocation caused by nausea, vomiting, and other symptoms. Especially the elderly.

Misunderstanding 2, patients with obvious breathing can use non -invasive ventilator. Many people mistakenly believe that only patients with obvious breathing difficulties are indications using non -invasive ventilator. In fact, non -invasive ventilator is mainly used for patients with mild moderate respiratory failure, not mainly for those who have severe respiratory failure. The sooner the non -invasive ventilator should be applied, the better, not to wait until the patient has developed to obvious respiratory failure. This often loses the good timing of non -invasive ventilation, leading to delay or failure of treatment.

Misunderstanding three, during the day, not in the evening. Non -invasive ventilator can be used during the day, and patients should be restrained at night. In fact, after the patient falls asleep at night, the respiratory center is more vulnerable to suppressing, and the problem of respiratory metabolism will be more serious, especially the patients with carbon dioxide or obstructive night low -ventilated respiratory syndrome.

Misunderstanding 4. Put up and send the gas first, then wear a mask. In the clinic, many operators give the patients with no invasive ventilator. Often, the order is to boot the air first and then bring the patient to a mask. As everyone knows, the air blowing of the machine will severely drift the baseline calculated by the machine, causing the amount of air leakage compensation of the ventilator is too large, far exceeding the actual amount of air leakage, making the patient feel that the airflow is very large, very impulsive, and cannot tolerate it. One of the important reasons for the failure of non -invasive ventilator.

Misunderstanding 5. When the nose mask is used, the mouth is cleaned regularly. In order to avoid complications such as bloating, covering pressure injuries such as non -invasive ventilator, many people take a foam dressing to cut it into anti -cover pressure pads. The patient breathe the symptoms of abdominal distension with his mouth or gas blew into the mouth.

Misunderstanding 6. Do not pay attention to position. When doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the smoothness of the respiratory tract is particularly emphasized. In fact, the smoothness of the respiratory tract is also very important during the treatment of non -invasive ventilator. Inappropriate positions can not only affect the lung activity, affect the amount of ventilation, but also increase resistance. Condition.

Misunderstanding 7. The oxygen flow of non -invasive ventilator for family is too low. The non -invasive ventilator used by the non -invasive ventilator is different. The oxygen source often needs to be provided with another oxygen, because the mask has the CO2 "storage effect" and the pressure in the mask is large. Generally, it should be more than 5 L/min Oxygen. During flow, oxygen cannot enter the mask well, and naturally cannot enter the airway and lungs, and at the same time, the exhaled CO2 cannot be rushed out of the mask.

Before using non -invasive ventilator, you need to do a good job of analysis and explain the purpose, necessity, and importance of non -invasive ventilator treatment, especially the benefits of non -invasive ventilator treatment, and discomfort may occur during the treatment of the ventilator. The situation, especially reminding the uncomfortable adaptation when playing at the beginning, do not give up easily, so that patients can understand non -invasive ventilator, eliminate tension, panic and resistance, and help patients improve the compliance and confidence of treatment. If you are interested in the non-invasive ventilator of Proven's medical equipment, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

What Are the Misunderstandings of Non -invasive Ventilator? Take a Look 1

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