What Are the Misunderstandings of Home Ventilator? Let's Find Out Together

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Household ventilator can effectively help patients with sleep apnea. At the same time, for some patients with slow pulmonary obstruction, it is also applicable. However, many people still have some misunderstandings about the use of home ventilator. They often have some misunderstandings. Choose abandonment or other situations, so we follow the editor of Prank Medical Equipment to learn more about it.

Misunderstanding 1. The ventilator is used by severe patients. Household ventilator has been widely used in common chronic diseases such as sleep apnea, slow lung blocking, and volatilization. It cannot replace medical ventilator as a tool for rescue patients.

Misunderstanding 2: Wearing a ventilator will be dependent. The household ventilator treats sleep and respiratory suspension in a physical way. During the use process, the gas blowing into the respiratory tract will open the collapsed respiratory tract, thereby reducing or even eliminating snoring. If the ventilator is not used, it will return to the condition before using the home ventilator.

Misunderstanding 3. Use breathing opportunities to cause oxygen poisoning. We need to clarify how oxygen poisoning is caused by long -term high concentration. However, the home ventilator is blowing the air into the patient's respiratory tract. The machine itself does not produce oxygen, so oxygen poisoning will not occur.

Misunderstanding 4. Use ventilator to drink water and sputum. When the patient needs to drink water and sputum, you only need to remove the mask, drink water or cough, and then bring it. It is not to say that when the ventilator works, you cannot drink water and sputum.

Misunderstanding 5. House of home breathing causes suffocation. The home ventilator mask is sealed by the nasal cavity. If the ventilator fails to work, it will cause patients to suffocate. It is actually very simple to eliminate this misunderstanding. As long as you observe the mask carefully, you can find a bunch of intensive exhaust holes, which avoids the problem of suffocation.

Misunderstanding 6. Is it a single horizontal ventilator that always blows into the lungs, and the dual horizontal ventilator is blowing for a while and then pumping out? Whether it is a single horizontal ventilator or a dual -horizontal ventilator, it is always continuous positive pressure. It is not a single horizontal ventilator that has been blowing into the lungs, and the dual -level ventilator is blowing for a while. Just a dual -horizontal ventilator can set a larger range, regardless of the inhalation pressure or exhalation pressure. The pressure conversion curve from the short -term stress transition from inhalation to exhalation is smoother. Instead of dual -horizontal ventilator outward.

The above simple interpretation of some misunderstandings in the process of home ventilating machines is used. According to the instructions provided by the manufacturer, operating in accordance with the correct steps can effectively reduce the failure and error operation. If you have any questions, you can contact the after -sales service staff of the manufacturer to ask. If you are interested in our home ventilator products, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

What Are the Misunderstandings of Home Ventilator? Let's Find Out Together 1

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