What Are the Methods of Nucleic Acid Extraction, and the Application Advantage of Nucleic Acid Extra

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The epidemic has entered a normalized management, and the epidemic situation has been repeated in the near future. In order to accurately prevent and control the epidemic, nucleic acid testing has become a key task for the prevention and control of the epidemic. For some hospitals or institutions, the demand for detection is large, and the performance of the nucleic acid extract instrument is getting higher and higher. So, how to choose a nucleic acid extractor in many nucleic acid extract equipment? What are the current methods of nucleic acid extract instruments? What's more?

What are the ways to extract the nucleic acid extract instrument?


Boiling cracking method. This method is generally used for handmade extraction of DNA. The chromosomal DNA is much larger than the plasmid DNA molecule, and the chromosome DNA is a linear molecule, while the plasmid DNA is a covalent -closed loop molecule; when heating the DNA solution, the wire -shaped chromosome DNA is prone to degeneration. When cooling, it restores its natural structure; transgender chromosomal DNA fragments are combined with transgender protein and cell fragments to form a precipitation, while the complex ultra -snoring granular DNA molecule is in a soluble state in a soluble state, so that the two can be separated by centrifugation.

2. Mainly use two different organic solvents alternately to remove the protein. When treating uniform slurry with phenols, the protein molecular surface contains a lot of polar groups and phenols similar to the dissolution of the protein molecule. At the same time, the phenol inhibits the degradation of DNase. DNA is dissolved in the water phase.

3. High -salt precipitation method is a variant of phenoline pumping method. Using RNP and DNP to dissolve differently in the electrolytic solution, the two are separated.

4. Actinoma dewlogen method. Use SDS or sodium toluene, so that the protein degenerates, and DNA can be extracted directly from biomass materials. Because the DNA and protein in the cells are often combined with electrostatic gravitational gravitational or fixing keys, and the anion deodonant can destroy this price bond, the DNA is often used to extract the pollutant of the anion.

5. Performing column purification. Through special silicon matrix adsorption materials, it can be specific to be adsorbed, and RNA and protein are successfully passed. Then use high salt and low pH to combine nucleic acids, low salt and high pH value to separate the purified nucleic acid.

6. Extraction of magnetic beads. The magnetic bead method uses the principle of combining and dissipating the magnetic acid by the magnetic granular activity group under certain conditions. First use the cell cracking liquid to crack the cells, and the magnetic granules with the active group can be adsorbed by the nucleic acid from the cell in the cell. The molecules, and the other interference in the sample is removed well. Under the action of magnetic fields, the magnetic particles are completed separately from the liquid. Then use the elixir to get rid of it to get the pure DNA, obtain a high -quality nucleic acid template tablet Essence

The above mainly introduces some methods of nucleic acid extraction. With the actual needs, after the application of nucleic acid extract equipment, it not only improves the speed of detection, but also improves the accuracy of the detection. In addition to these advantages, what are the advantages?

A PL-48 nucleic acid automatic extraction instrument produced by Progen Medical adopts a fully automated method. Compared with the manual operation of traditional centrifugation methods, its nucleic acid extraction process is simpler, fast, high, and high extraction rate. At the same time The nucleic acid extract instrument adopts a color touch display, graphic, Chinese and English interface, simple and easy to use, no external computer, no special training. In addition to the outstanding performance advantages of the equipment itself, our manufacturers can provide professional after -sales service. For the actual needs and problems of customers, we will answer time to avoid customers' concerns. If you are interested in our nucleic acid extract equipment If you are, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

What Are the Methods of Nucleic Acid Extraction, and the Application Advantage of Nucleic Acid Extra 1

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